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Martie Peters Group - Road To Salvation
Martie Peters is the vocalist for Push. Never heard of it. Never heard of him either, but he already released his debut album through MTM Records under the incredibly original name of Martie Peters Group. This is his second outing, entitled Road To Salvation.
For me salvation is about 55 minutes away from the moment I press play to listen to this record. Horrible eighties poprock in the vein of other luckily long forgotten gay acts. I mean if you try to sound like Bon Jovi or something you better come up with a catchy melody or something instead of this pile of uninspired chords, beats and vocal lines. By the way Martie, I really really really don’t like it when you sing. Honestly.
Of course the production is eighties as well, which is the most god awful production in the history of music I’ve ever heard. Especially the constant echoing of basically everything you hear gets on my nerves. And that hideous guitar sound, don’t even get me started. Add the pitiful songwriting and feel sorry for me that I had to listen to this. Believe me, I suffered dearly.
If you’re into horrible uninspired eighties rock music with absolutely no sound of its own, you’ve just come across you’re album of the year. For me I hope to end my affiliation with Martie with the posting of this review, and I hope to never hear his voice again. That; would be true salvation.
Martie Peters Group - Road To Salvation
30/1001Details Indie
Released on Thursday May 3rd, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Apr 28th, 2007

Tags: #Martie Peters Group
Tracklisting 1. Fallen
2. Chosen One
3. Shallow
4. The Clown
5. Wish
6. For What It's Worth
7. Swimming In Your Blue Eyes
8. Silence Sits At My Throne
9. Kill The Pain
10. Waitin’ In Line
11. All I Have
12. Road To Salvation
Line up Martie Peters - vocals, guitars, synths, piano, strings, programming
MArtin Slott - guitars
Jakob Schlein - drums
BJ - bass