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Vindicator - On And On...
Vindicator from Hamburg, Germany has just released their second full length album called On And On... at Street Justice Records. Considering the fact that they have shared stages with some of the finest bands in the hardcore history (Agnostic Front, Snapcase, Madball, Backfire, Slapshot) they caught my attention and made me curious about their sophomore album.
Starting with ‘Now Warning’, Vindicator gives you a few seconds to get used to the oldschool hardcore in the style of Ryker’s and Payback. After this, the pedal goes to the metal and you can catch up with your breath after the album is over. The only problem with most of the hardcore bands nowadays is that everything looks the same, so the only way to distinguish yourself from other bands is passion. Luckily for Vindicator passion is something they’re flooded with. Especially songs like ‘On And On...’ , ‘Kill The King’ and ‘Dressed To Kill’ give me goosebumps. You can hear the passion that’s dripping all over these songs.
Critics will probably say that everything on this album is done before. But in my opinion hardcore nowadays is 75 percent passion and 25 percent music. Considering Vindicator is still going strong after 10 years and these guys breath hardcore, passion is something very familiar with these guys. Add to this the vocals of the new frontman Uwe and you have a great, pure hardcore album. Yes my friends, Vindicator is a band to remember in hardcore land.
Vindicator - On And On...
73/1001Details Street Justice Records
Released on Friday Apr 27th, 2007

Writer @Niamen on Friday May 4th, 2007

Tags: #Vindicator
Tracklisting 1. No Warning
3. Kill The King
4. Hit Me Harder
5. Awake 4 Hours
6. On And On
7. Earthquake Society
8. Dressed To Kill
9. Soundtrack Of Brutality
10. 10 Years
11. No Reason
12. Now Generation
13. Hate Gun
14. Sad Story
15. Just Get Out
16. System Of Crime
Line up Uwe - Vocals
Jannix - Guitar
Tobi - Guitar
Tom - Bass
Michi - Drums