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Seasick - Bestie Mensch
Why?!?!?! Or warum perhaps. I had so many cd�s to choose from to review, and I chose this one. This �attempt� to make death/thrash is so sickening, words can�t describe it. But I�ll fucking review it anyway!!! Support the underground!!! To start of with the name. Who in the hell would call his band Seasick? It�s the worst name for a death/thrash band I�ve ever heard. And the only connection to this cd is that it starts of with some oceanic noises and the music makes ME sick! So there you have it; Seasick. Now let�s discuss the music. It isn�t really all that bad when you start listening to it. But as you continue listening, things start to get to you. Like their inability to make a good stop in their riffs. The infamous bang-stop-bang-stop-bang-stop-bang-stop parts seem to be to much to handle for these Germans. The vocals aren�t interesting at all, except for one song, �O.A. � which has more brutal vocals. The drummer should take some lessons in diversion because even I can do that standard thrash rhythm. It seems like he�s doing the same thing on every track. The guitar riffs are quite OK, but the poor sound quality of the album finishes that off. It really fucks up the end result, no matter what band you play in. If the sound quality was better, this review would be a lot better too. And I�m not even going to start to talk about the bonus tracks, which have even poorer sound quality, can you imagine? I�ll stop now, otherwise nothing positive will be left for these guys. Nice try, but keep trying. Someday you�ll succeed. I hope� Tracklist: 1. Was Ist Ein Menschenleben Wert 2. Macht 3. Mutter Hure 4. O.A. 5. Bis Das Blut Gefriert 6. Endstation Hass 7. Erst Geboren � Schon Verloren 8. Meins 9. Human Madness 10. Nazi Bastard 11. Perfection (bonus track) 12. Born For Chaos (bonus track) 13. Children Of Paradise (bonus track) Line-up: Kette � voice Mingo � guitar Nussi � drums Crissi � bass Review bij Demondust
Seasick - Bestie Mensch
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Seasick
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