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VNV Nation - Judgement
For the ones who don’t know: VNV Nation is an Irish/British electronic duo who release albums since 1995. They combine all different sorts of electronic music like industrial, trance, synthpop and gothic which can be best categorised under Electronic Body Music (EBM) and they are one of the biggest names in the genre.
Unfortunately we only received a promo with the two full length songs ‘The Farthest Star’ and ‘Nemesis’; five other songs are all just snippets, so a well-founded and comprehensive review won’t be possible. Nevertheless I got a pretty positive judgement about this record. ‘The Farthest Star’ is a nice, relatively soft opener of the record where Ronan Harris’ vocals have the same flowing calm effect as those of David Gahan of Depeche Mode

With the next song, ‘Nemesis’, we get to hear the brasher and hard pounding side of VNV Nation while a high synthesizer give it a real good spacing club feeling. While all the vocals are always clean VNV Nation always managed to create a pretty dark and hard vibe, as they once again do on this album. On the other side there is also enough space for fine, well worked out melodies.   
Although we didn’t receive the full-length version of Judgement I can say that it definitely won’t disappoint VNV Nation fans and it will attract a wide range of people who are into electronic music, because they produce a well balanced mix of harder electronic styles with pop elements.
VNV Nation - Judgement
No ScoreDetails Anachron Sounds
Released on Thursday Apr 5th, 2007

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Sunday May 6th, 2007

Tags: #VNV Nation
Tracklisting Prelude - 4:08
The Farthest Star - 4:53
Testament - 6:14
Descent - 4:25
Momentum - 6:15
Nemesis - 4:30
Secluded Spaces - 5:54
Illusion - 4:47
Carry You - 6:11
As It Fades - 4:48
Line up Ronan Harris - Instruments, Lyrics, Vocals
Mark Jackson - Drums, Percussion