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Luctus/Argharus - Sonitus Caeli Ardentis
Ledo Takas Records presents us this split album with what they call the new generation of Baltic black metal. Two Lithuanian based bands, ready to carry the torch of all that is grim and evil further into the future. They are called Luctus and Argharus, and although I don’t care about the meaning of those names, I’m about to find out what they sound like.
Luctus is a one man project playing old school black metal, but with a very modern and clear production. The six songs provided by Luctus have some nice sampling, occasional cool grooving riffs, and of course the fast bashing parts. Those fast parts actually sound a little dreamy to me at some times, mostly because of the clear guitar sound, even though the music is brutal as hell. Add some good vocals and I would say that indeed a worthy addition to the Lithuanian black metal scene has risen.
The other band is called Argharus, and they posses a lesser production sound than Luctus. But also here I must confess I find the guitars to sound a bit dreamy, which is a plus of course. But the drum sound isn’t really optimal, and I’m not too impressed by the vocals either. Therefore the music as a whole doesn’t really grab me, or my attention for that matter. The sound isn’t nearly as aggressive as Luctus’ and it lacks a lot of groove as well, so I can’t really say that I’m actually digging this band. Can’t say that it’s bad though, just less interesting after you just heard the band before. Perhaps in a live situation they will manage to convince more easily.
My opinion is that Ledo Takas Records might be right about this being the new future of Baltic black metal, although a noticeable difference in quality between both bands is definitely there, but this might also be due to the recordings themselves. Fans of the genre should surely check these two bands out.
Luctus/Argharus - Sonitus Caeli Ardentis
74/1001Details Ledo Takas Records
Released on Tuesday Mar 13th, 2007
Black Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday May 8th, 2007

Tags: #Luctus/Argharus
Tracklisting Luctus:

1. World of Blades
2. Filthy Blood, Guts and Shit
3. U� Lietuvą!
4. Don’t Sign the Armistice
5. Age of Decadence
6. No Future [for your future]


7. Nusiramink prie� Audrą
8. Pa�auktas Delčios
9. �vaig�dės Auk�tybėj U�ges
10. Niek�as

Line up Luctus

Luctus - guitars, vocals
A. - drums


Auktuma - vocals, bass
Furor - guitar
Pestiferos - guitar
Opacus - drums