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Sothis - Fusion
Formed in 1997, the Italian band Sothis operated under different monikers and with different line-ups. The band has released three demo’s and after winning the Mostra dei Mostri metal festival they got signed to Temple Of Noise Records. Now they are ready to unleash their debut album Fusion upon the world.
Luckily I’ve been receiving some promo’s of decent Italian bands lately, instead of the godless crap that country has so much of. Sothis belongs among the more talented acts from over there. This band plays with so many different styles of metal on Fusion, it’s hard to name just one for their actual style. So what they make is metal, to be easy about that. This disc goes from classic rock to hardcore to melodic metal to thrash to death metal, and preferably all of this in one song. All those styles combined form one strong sound though, which is something a band really needs. Add a nice and clear production and a good vocalist with some good variation as well, you should say this is a great band. They even play around with some cool rhythmic stuff occasionally.
The only problem I have with this band is that none of the songs really stick in my head. I’ve listened to it numerous times, but I can’t really recall any riff after hearing it. I guess the overall songwriting isn’t that awesome after all. Now I’m certainly not saying this is a bad band, it’s just that it doesn’t distinguish itself enough to really be heard. But I do hear more than enough potential in this band to be sure that something awesome might com out of it with a next release.
I don’t know to what people to recommend this to, I guess if you’re into not all too intense metal you could check this out. And there’s probably a bunch of Italians rocking their asses of to this stuff. I for one will probably listen to this album again some time, but I fear it will probably be to compare it to their next album.
Sothis - Fusion
69/1001Details Temple Of Noise Records
Released on Monday May 7th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday May 10th, 2007

Tags: #Sothis
Tracklisting 1. The Purifier
2. Blood Effect S.F.X.
3. Dust
4. B-B Beyond The Bound
5. Psychonoise
6. Skeletal Presence
7. Turn Off The Light
8. R.I.P.
Line up Devis Ercole - guitar
Gaetano Ettorre - bass
Michele Melchiorre - drums/vocals
Franco Topitti - vocals
Adriano Quaranta - guitar