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Riefenstahl - Instinkt
Riefenstahl is a German band (you probably didn’t notice that yet huh?) that plays the kind of hard rock I actually like. Most of the times it pretty much sounds the same to me as heavy metal, only a bit softer. This band however, managed to create a more attractive style of hard rock with an element that’s definitely worth mentioning; the vocals are in German.
First of all I’d like to warn the people that expect some kind of Rammstein rip-off, go find it somewhere else! Music wise Riefenstahl is something completely different. Also their vocals, although in German, are brought forward in quite a different way. They come out less heavier and most of the times very - maybe too - well articulated. Fortunately vocalist Jens Esch didn’t find it necessary to put up the high vocals I was foreseeing, which made up a whole lot for his somewhat special way of singing. In fact, the fast singing parts remind me a little of French metallers Pleymo. Cool!
As for the music, I gotta say I especially like the fact that the bass guitar is obviously present. It might be because I listened to this album through my headphones but hearing the bass riffing without to much troubles is quite nice actually. Though, it might as well be because of the production. To be honest, that’s not extremely well done. But no worries, I personally like it this way ‘cause it only contributes to the strength of the album. Makes it a little raw-edged. The way it should be in my opinion.
So, it’s clear that I like this album that has some catchy songs on it. However, I think there will be one band in my life that I really like because of its German vocals, being Rammstein. The rest never really manages to convince me for some reason. It just doesn’t sound as tough as the English language to me. Which of course is the number 1 language in (heavy) music.
All in all I’d say go check this stuff out on the MySpace website and if you’re interested you may consider buying the album. For now, Instinkt is a more than decent album but still doesn’t reach the status of a ‘must have’. I think that when the band will keep its next album more constant, which means that both beginning and end of the album are as strong as one another, Riefenstahl will deliver an even better album.
Riefenstahl - Instinkt
72/1001Details Rude Records
Released on Friday May 25th, 2007
Hard Rock

Writer @Boek on Tuesday May 15th, 2007

Tags: #Riefenstahl
Tracklisting 01. Es Ist Vorbei
02. Augen Auf
03. Ein Wort Von Dir
04. Venusschrei
05. Mit Brennender Wut
06. Die Zeit Heilt Nicht Alle Wunden
07. Wenn Ich Wiederkomm
08. Es Tut So Weh
09. Lass Mich Nicht Allein (War For Peace)
10. (Ich) Halt Dich Fest
11. Kalter Traum
12. Dein Weg
Line up Daniel Peschel – Bass
Jens Esch – Vocals
Sven Petersen – Drums
Ralph Laskowski – Guitar