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The Vendetta - Ultraumatic
The Vendetta hails from the suburbs of Piacenza (Italy) and was formerly known as The Bloodline. I have to say I’d never heard of The Bloodline or The Vendetta before but considering the biography this could be interesting. In their 3 years of existence they were represent on many split albums and samplers, and between their influences are names like Motörhead, Slapshot, Cro-mags Ramones and Misfits.
Kicking of Ultraumatic with ‘Fall And Rise’ they immediately show where The Vendetta stands for. A mixture of punk and hardcore with sometimes an edgy metalriff to give the song an extra kick in the ass. It’s pretty obvious all the samplers and split albums had a positive effect on The Vendetta because this full-length debut has the perfect mix of the styles mentioned above. They manage to reach a certain level in the first two songs and hold it for the rest of the album. Of course there are always some songs that are better than other ones and Ultraumatic isn’t an exception to this but still the average song on this album is better than most of the average songs in the same genre.
On this album there are also eight bonustracks that were taken from the MCD Terror Nation. This gives a nice impression of the band back then and shows us that The Vendetta has grown in several area’s until now. Especially during songs like ‘Fall And Rise’, ‘Nine Lives’ and ‘Bite Me’ you can hear the difference between old and new work.
Ultraumatic is an album that could surprise you very much, because with the mixture of styles they manage to grab the attention and hold it until the end of the album. If you dig the bands that are mentioned above you should give The Vendetta a try, you might like it. I’d like to see them on tour during the upcoming festival season with a beer in my hand.
The Vendetta - Ultraumatic
82/1001Details Street Justice Records
Released on Tuesday Apr 17th, 2007

Writer @Niamen on Thursday May 17th, 2007

Tags: #The Vendetta
Tracklisting 01. Fall And Rise
02. Nine Lives
03. Streetburner
04. Wanted
05. Venomous
06. (We Are) Coming
07. Powerload
08. Bite Me
09. Fire From Below
10. Strangulation
11. No Way Out
12. Crushed
13. Brutalizer
14. Tonight
15. Nitro
16. Living God
17. I 8 U
18. Bleeding For Me
19. Wake Up
Line up Angel - Vocals, Bass
Tiax - Guitar
Vincent - Guitar
Vodka O.D. - Drums