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Southern Voodoo - Devils Drive
Southern Voodoo recorded their demo called Love Militia 2 years ago. Back then they gave a slight impression of what they were capable of. With the addition of an extra guitar player they gave birth to their second album called Devils Drive. Well let’s see if it can live up to the expectations they rose up with their demo.
After quite a boring intro and a countdown that ends at 666 the album starts with ‘Rocket To Hell’ followed by ‘Colourblind’. The great production immediately catched my attention during these songs and I can say that Chips Kiesbye (Hellacopters, Millencolin, Dozer) did one hell of a job. This is of course with the cooperation of Henryk Lippl (Blue For Two, Millencolin). They managed to give Southern Voodoo such a dirty sound that even you’re 80 year old grandma would like it.
But to be honest most of the credits are for Southern Voodoo itself. Where their debut album has the sound that looked too much like the good old Rock N’ Roll we know (Motörhead, AC/DC) is this album one that has a face of its own. A face that’s called Southern Voodoo. They managed to drench every song in their own typical style. There are just two songs that keep bothering me. In a way ‘Devils Drive’ and ‘Random Night’ just miss the passion and the roughness that is on every other song on this album.
I’m very curious how Southern Voodoo made this possible and I’m even more curious if they can pull it of live. Everybody who likes bands like Motörhead, Peter Pan Speedrock, Danko Jones etc. should check this out. Devils Drive is an album that sounds just so damn great I just can't get enough of it.
Southern Voodoo - Devils Drive
78/1001Details Apache Production
Released on Friday Apr 20th, 2007
Rock N' Roll

Writer @Niamen on Thursday May 17th, 2007

Tags: #Southern Voodoo
Tracklisting 01. Rocket To Hell
02. Colourblind
03. White Thrash Mayhem Party
04. Tattoo Lover
05. Go Go Racing
06. Devils Drive
07. (Such A) Random Night
08. Maintain The Species
09. Space Cowboy
10. Little Drama Queen
11. Satan Is A Woman
12. Hammer Down
Line up Dominique De Vos - Vocals, Guitars
Stef De Rijck - Drums
Jeem Talloen - Bass
Pieter Minne - guitars