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Nameless Crime - Law And Persecution
It’s always great when a new album drops in your mailbox, especially when that album has some sort of a biography so you know where the band is from and have an idea of what they're playing. Nameless Crime doesn’t feel the same way about that so I’m happy to have my good old friend called internet. Which provides me all the juicy details I always wanted to know about these Italian metalheads. Nameless Crime got together in 2000 in Naples, Italy and plays heavy thrash metal according to their website. In their seven years of existence they already recorded two full-length albums and their third has just been released.
Law And Persecution starts with ‘Mr. Stone’ that has quite a nice drum intro but I guess that’s probably where the inspiration ended because the rest of the song is even below mediocrity. But of course an album doesn’t exist of one song so bravely I skip to the next song. ‘Octopus Eye’ starts with a standard intro but after several seconds a heavy thrash riff is added that goes on for the rest of the song. Still siked from the heavy thrash riff I’m longing for more. Luckily enough Nameless Crime keeps feeding me with heavy thrash riffs during ‘Wish To Fly’ and ‘Communication Crimes’. During the forty three seconds of ‘French Kiss’ it suddenly struck me. I heard all these heavy thrash riffs before.
That’s of course the problem of many thrash metal bands. The genre has been there for many years and almost everything is done before. But I don’t believe that’s a legitimate reason to write songs that lack passion and look like everything that’s recorded in the eighties and early nineties. Especially when you think of the thrash metal bands like Lamb Of God and Trivium which show the other side of the medal.
Law And Persecution is probably a great album for the fans of Nameless Crime but it probably stops there. For the rest of the world it’s an album to forget real quick. Maybe if there will be a thrash revival in a view years Nameless Crime should try it again. Until then don’t quit your day job.
Nameless Crime  - Law And Persecution
55/1001Details Powerzone Records
Released on Sunday Apr 8th, 2007
Thrash metal

Writer @Niamen on Thursday May 17th, 2007

Tags: #Nameless Crime
Tracklisting 01. Mr. Stone
02. Octous Eye
03. Wish To Fly Away
04. Communication Crimes
05. French Kiss
06. Before The Storm
07. Law And Persecution
08. Backdraft
09. Sonds Of Liberty
10. Roadside Bison
11. Vesuvius Lxxix A.D.
Line up Fabio Manda - Vocals
Alessandro Tuccillo - Guitar
Marco Ruggiero - Guitar
Raffaele Lanzuise - Bass
Dario Graziano - Drums