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Vainglory - Vainglory
It’s always good to see women in the metal scene, especially when they can sing. With this I don’t mean an opera type of singing but the original true metal singing with screams and growls. Kate French from Vainglory is such a woman. The ex-Chastain vocalist joined the band of guitar player Corbin King in 2005 who already recorded their debut album in 2003. With Kate French, Vainglory is ready to take over the world.
This self titled album starts with some war sounds which is the intro of ‘Walking Dead’. Immediately after that, the guitars come screaming in and so does Kate French. The vocals of French still sound as great as before, maybe even better. She lifts the power metal, in the style of Metal Church and Fight, to a higher level.  She reminds me a bit of Rob Halford during ‘Walking Dead’. Although her vocals aren’t quite feminine she does have a powerful throat.
During the rest of the songs I get the feeling everything is not as good as it looks. Vainglory has looked a bit too close at several bands which resulted in some songs that don’t sound very original. Luckily enough this doesn’t count for all the songs on this album. For example ‘Undying Love’, were Kate French shows a completely different side of herself, has everything to become a great song starting as a ballad and climaxing into a great power metal song. Sadly, after this great song the instrumental ´Decapitation Attack’ is a pure show off ride of Corbin King that lasts way too long.
Vainglory has a hell of a start with ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘Burdened’ but after that they fail miserably to hold the attention during the rest of the songs. Halfway there’s a peak with ‘Undying Love’ but after that it’s just more of the same that we've heard before. For the real power metal fans this album could be a nice addition to your CD collection but for the average metal fan this isn’t a super interesting album.
Vainglory - Vainglory
65/1001Details Mtm Music & Publish
Released on Thursday May 31st, 2007

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday May 22nd, 2007

Tags: #Vainglory
Tracklisting 01. Walking Dead
02. Burdened
03. The Only Way I Know
04. Face Of Death
05. Midnight Hellfire
06. Undying Love
07. Decapitation Attack
08. Act Of God
09. Vainglory
10. Endlessly
11. Blackened Soul
12. My Living Hell
Line up Kate French - Vocals
Corbin King - Guitar
J.M. Youngblood - Guitar
Chris Banja - Bass
Dan Lynch - Drums