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McQueen - Break The Circle
An all-girl rock band! This usually means two things for the average metalhead; bad music and a whole bunch of titties, to keep my occasional sexist reviewing undertone going. Well this time with McQueen one of those two things doesn’t work out, guess which one?!
The music is actually good! Well it kind of has to be if acts like The Foo Fighters, Juliette and the Licks and Aerosmith agree to play or even tour with you. They even got mister Evil Joe Barresi (producer for QOTSA and Tool) to mix their album. I must compliment him on this, because this record has a great raw touch to it. It isn’t as polished as most acts try to do all too often. Also I like the song structures because they just simply rock. The spirit in the music is very present and that is probably the most important thing with a rock band I think.
Well to suck up even further, I dare to state that this band easily beats Juliette Lewis and the Licks (ohw why aren’t they called dicks!!). This just obviously sounds better than the best single any producer can ever squeeze out of that I’m-a-great-actress-and-I-want-to-sing band. Also I would like to take another stab at that piece of shit band called Slunt, which also sucked major cock (but not mine). All this is because Leah Duors' vocals actually sound pleasant to listen to, they sound real professional and suit the music perfectly. The melodic vocals have a nice raw touch and her screams sounds convincing enough. She reminds me of Gwen Stefani a bit, and I like her, both physically as musically.
Although there are some a bit too funky parts where for some reason even the term nu-metal comes to my mind and some punky parts pass by, Break The Silence is a great listen for any angry female, and I don’t really doubt them reaching a big crowd quite soon. McQueen might soon be in every horny rock boy's room, hopefully replacing Avril Lavigne.
McQueen - Break The Circle
84/1001Details Demolition Records
Released on Thursday Mar 8th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday May 23rd, 2007

Tags: #McQueen
Tracklisting 1. Neurotic
2. Dirt
3. Running Out Of Things To Say
4. Break The Silence
5. Numb
6. The Line Went Dead
7. Blinded
8. Bitch
9. Not For Sale
10. (Don't Know How To) Break It To You
Line up Leah Duors - vocals
Hayley Cramer - drums
Cat de Casanove - guitars
Sophie Taylor - bass