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Sadhara - To Hell, With Sympathy
Sadhara began as a five song drum machine solo demo recorded and performed by guitarist/vocalist Katherine Burke in 2003. After a modest online success, Katherine came in touch with Dutch drum virtuoso Iwan Hendrikx, who believed in the project’s potential and agreed to record drum tracks for Sadhara’s first full length CD, To Hell, With Sympathy. The album was completely written, recorded and produced by the two musicians themselves. Interesting story I’d say.
The cover artwork is already very tasteful, it’s not beautiful at all but it creates a certain atmosphere that grabs you immediately. But hey, it’s not about the cover, it’s about the music and so I started listening to this album. My reaction: “Great! Just great!”
To Hell, With Sympathy is an album with quite a diversity of styles on it with the main ingredients being death/black metal. Actually it’s a mix of European, Swedish and melodic death/black metal.
Ms Burke does a tremendous job on the album with a vocal range that goes from goth/opera like passages to death grunts. Way to go! The couple even managed to mix different kinds of singing through each other, which only adds up to the quality of the album. This way it’s like there are more people singing on the album and there is absolutely no sign of this band being ‘just’ a duo. The sound is far from “empty” and is in fact very convincing!
Music wise the album also comprises a wide range that goes from gentle melodic passages to great guitar riffs and solos. Accompanied by kick ass drumming it guarantees a truly original album. Kick ass drumming that even sounds a little progressive every now and then. Check out for example the song ‘Immortalized In Ash’, now anybody who does not find Iwan’s drumming attracting in this song simply doesn’t have enough musical knowledge and/or taste. Jesus, I already find myself almost insulting people for not liking this album! I mean, how enthusiastic can one be about an album?
After hearing this album once I already wondered why I had never heard of this band before. If they are going to continue like this they are going to be widely appreciated by lots of people and they will be welcomed with open arms. To the labels I’d suggest to check out this band and sign them as soon as possible ‘cause there’s a shitload of potential in this band. This album is definitely going to end up in my yearlist and it makes me wonder what they would sound like with an even bigger budget. Must be killer! Be sure to check it out if you’re into something original that still sticks to the known sounds of melodic death/black metal.
Ehm, what are you still doing here? Get your ass over to their MySpace!
Sadhara - To Hell, With Sympathy
90/1001Details Independent
Released on Monday Jan 1st, 2007
Melodic Death/Black Metal

Writer @Boek on Tuesday May 29th, 2007

Tags: #Sadhara
Tracklisting 1. To Hell, With Sympathy
2. My Kingdom Pain
3. Architect Of Reprise
4. Twilight Ushers The Maddened
5. The Ill Tempered Stratocaster
6. Bliss
7. Beauty Etched Into Sunset
8. Immortalized In Ash
9. From Saint To Cinders
Line up Katherine Burke – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Iwan Hendrikx – Drums
Ray Russell – Guitar (did not play on the album)
Tom Barber – Bass (did not play on the album)