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Epidemic Scorn - System Of Sickness
After releasing their first full-length The Beginning… in 2004, it is now time for Epidemic Scorn’s second album, System Of Sickness. An album that brings forward an interesting combination of styles according to the band’s biography. Let’s find out more about that.
The album immediately starts with machine gun-like drums which are soon followed by very nasty death metal vocals. And I won’t deny it; I think they sound a little too nasty. System Of Sickness is an album for the extreme death metal fans, which doesn’t include me unfortunately. This is a little too chaotic for me personally.  
Of course some nice riffs can be found every now and then but overall I don’t think that Epidemic Scorn will be the next best thing out there. The songs aren’t groundbreaking in any way and the production lacks topnotch quality, which gives the music a bit of a messy sound. Next to that, the drums do not always come out that perfect.
But the thing that really bothers me is the vocal section. There’s hardly any variety in there! Combine that with the before mentioned not-too-catchy songs and you can probably imagine me getting a bit bored while listening to this album. It simply doesn’t have it for me. Though, if there’s one song that deserves recommendation I’d go for ‘Flesh B(u)y Flesh’, which starts with a nice bass riff.
Well, I think I’ve made my point clear here. This albums lacks originality and variation in both the musical section as well as the vocal section. It might be the lack of my experience with this kind of music but I would rather see Epidemic Scorn keeping its music underground and enjoy what they’re doing there instead of bringing this to the bigger crowds. Extreme death metal fans should probably just check this out themselves. Oh yeah, one more negative point: the cover. Hideous!
Epidemic Scorn - System Of Sickness
58/1001Details Sickness Incorporation
Released on Tuesday May 1st, 2007
Extreme Death Metal

Writer @Boek on Thursday May 31st, 2007

Tags: #Epidemic Scorn
Tracklisting 01. Envy To Hate, Hate To War
02. Fake Religion
03. The Abyss
04. Stab Or Be Stabbed
05. Till The Last One Is Killed
06. Flesh B(u)y Flesh
07. Fall Of The Soul
08. The Madness Of The Believer
09. System Of Sickness
10. Emperor’s Misery
Line up Sven Potemski – Vocals
Tobias Falth – Guitar
J�rn Gallert – Guitar, Vocals
David Rettke – Bass
Alex Heber – Drums