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Disguise - Late
Black metal from sunny Italy? Isn’t that a huge paradox?! Let’s see whether this second record from Disguise manages to give us the shivers!
Disguise plays a style of black metal which Dimmu Borgir invented years ago, so don’t expect anything new from these guys. Late features several symphonic parts, but all they manage is making the music less one sided; they rarely stand out, which I think is a must with symphonic elements in black metal. The music has a nice dose of melodic elements and often has a pretty nice groove, but the music keeps sticking to a level which is mediocre; no real fireworks are heard on this CD.
Luckily the vocals offer more variation; most of the time (not too high) screams are used but also the known mumbling regularly pass by. I was more surprised when I came to the fourth track of the record where a typical Vader grunt was used! Whether this is a real addition to the melodic black metal you must answer for yourself. This fourth track introduces the second part of the CD by the way; the entire CD consists out of three chapters and I bet there’s an interesting philosophy behind it of course, but the music couldn’t move me to get any deeper into this record.
Disguise made a reasonable quality raw melodic black metal CD, but it offers too little variation and surprising elements to keep you’re attention for the entire duration. Even the praiseworthy extended media section on the CD can't do anything about that.
Disguise - Late
67/1001Details Black Havoc Productions
Released on Monday Apr 9th, 2007
Black Metal

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Monday Jun 4th, 2007

Tags: #Disguise
Tracklisting 1. Ending 02:13
2. Decreasing pleasure 05:56
3. Involved 05:37
4. Better unborn 06:34
5. Dead for brought Death 06:48
6. Identical beginning of the end 05:03
7. Into the black void (sea of vacuous hulls) 07:26
8. Late 06:10
Line up Vastator Mentis - Vocals
Dei Nuntius Mortis - Guitar
Vexator - Bass
Carnifex - Keyboard
Aiwass - Drums