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Throneum&Revelations Of Doom - Total Regression
A split-cd, okay, mostly hard to score because of the difference in quality. But how to score an album that has 13 tracks, that include 9 covers of other bands?
The first of the two bands is Throneum. Never heard of that band before, so I wanted to look up for some information on their homepage. Their one-page website didn't contain much useful information. After some surfing around the net I found out that Throneum was founded in 1996 in Poland.
Their style is thrashy black metal, that sounds quite okay, but nothing I've never heard before. And the band is very open about that. They even admit that on their website: "No originality, no own style, no musical progress, but only aggressive, raw and ugly Metal as it should be - that's the only goal of the band!!!" I cannot make up a better description, it is like they say. And does everything have to be refreshing?
Though it seems they ran out of idea's. Four of six songs are covers of Destruction, Impaled Nazarene, Unleashed and Morgoth. If you'd ask me, these songs fit well together on one disc together with their own two songs.
Another band from Poland, Revelations Of Doom, founded in 2005. I guess they have no big expectations to become known world wide because of the fact their website is just in Polish.
"Let them burn for all eternity in the flames of hell", that is the opening sample for Revelations Of Doom. A sample of, I believe, the movie Elisabeth. Then all hell breaks loose with some, how surprising, thrashy black metal. I really liked it when I heard it for the first time. The song has a real awesome drive, with loads of energy. Their sound also fits the music very well.

Like Throneum, Revelations Of Doom must love the oldschool thrash bands, because five of seven songs are covers. First there is 'The Third of the Storms', a cover of Hellhammer, which has this real nice oldschool feeling. Then they make a switch to some more grindish black metal with a cover of Terrorizer. It's hard, it's aggressive, it will rip your head off while you bang it. Awesome, unfortunately it just lasts for 1:11 minutes. Then the thrashing goes on with covers of Sodom, Pandemonium and Blasphemy.
Fans of thrashy black metal can buy this split blindly. There is nothing new to hear, but it is done very well.
Throneum&Revelations Of Doom - Total Regression
75/1001Details Pagan Records
Released on Wednesday Feb 28th, 2007
Thrash Black Metal

Writer @Arcane on Tuesday Jun 5th, 2007

Tags: #Throneum&Revelations Of Doom
Tracklisting Throneum

1. Exhibition Of Abomination
2. Full Enlightenment
3. Tormentor (Destruction)
4. We Are Satan’s Generation (Impaled Nazarene)
5. Execute Them All (Unleashed)
6. Darkness (Morgoth)

Revelations Of Doom

7. Sodomizing The Trinity
8. Holy Grail, Holy Flesh
9. The Third Of The Storms (Hellhammer)
10. Need To Live (Terrorizer)
11. Witching Metal (Sodom)
12. Unholy Existence (Pandemonium)
13. Gods Of War (Blasphemy)
Line up Throneum

Tomasz - The Great Executor
Marek - Termonuclear Philosopher
Maras - Necrosodomic Corpse Molestator

Revelations Of Doom

Longinus - Cadaveric Vomits&Damnation
Amon - Artillery&Annihilation
Swordmaster - Bulldozer Bass Axe&Weapon of Mass Destruction
Kaos - Six String Ritual Onslaught&Sturmgeshutz Hammers