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Urskumug - Am Nodr
Latvia, even there live some black metalheads. It's always nice to see how black metal is spreading the dark over our doomed world.
Urskumug, a band I'd never heard of before. Am Nodr already is their 2nd full length release, and saw daylight in April of 2006. Umskumug describe their style as tribal black metal. The first band that came up in my mind was Sepultura, with Roots. I saw some Indians bashing on some tribal drums with some burning crosses on the background offering a sheep to some ancient god. No really, I didn't had the slightest idea what I could expect.
When I heard the first notes out of my speakers I was rather surprised. The intro song sounded very mechanical, it would fit very well on and album of Thorns, Dødheimsgard or The Kovenant. And the real 1st song, 'Time Of The Jackdaw' doesn't sound "tribal" to me at all. It just sounds like some decent Scandinavian black metal. Mostly up-tempo, some nice cold riffs, melodic licks and some solid vocals.
So I thought the tribal element would show up in the other songs, but it didn't. so you can forget tribal. But does that make this album less worth listening to? Not at all. Okay, they don't come up with some new idea's, but it sounds solid as a rock. A great production by Gints Lundsberg (Skyforger), some nice artwork and some strong black metal songs make this album worth buying.
Urskumug - Am Nodr
72/1001Details Ledo Takas Records
Released on Sunday Apr 30th, 2006
Black Metal

Writer @Arcane on Friday Jun 8th, 2007

Tags: #Urskumug
Tracklisting 1. 2012
2. Time Of The Jackdaw
3. Beowulf
4. Talking As A Shaman´s Son
5. The Guardian
6. Am Nodr
7. Mother Of Halfworld
Line up Krauklis - guitars, drum programming, vocals
Maero - guitars, drum programming
Balrogh - session live drums