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Kyrbgrinder - Defiance
Threshold is a band that has already made 14 albums and signed to Nuclear Blast Records in the recent past. But what has that to do with Kyrbgrinder one might wonder? Well let me explain. Threshold drummer Johanne James has formed his own band, being…exactly! Kyrbgrinder. This time he doesn’t stick to the drumming section only, he also handles vocal duties; a combination that often frightens me a bit.
So why does a drummer that handles vocal duties frighten me? Well, for the simple reason that the drumming often suffers from the fact that the person concerned has got to focus on something else. And what a pleasant surprise this band is, the drummer rocks! In both sections that is! He actually manages to keep his drumming attractive by using enough variation and still brings forward very nice vocal parts. I guess he really deserved those two ‘drummer of the year’ awards last year.
As a whole, I’m also very happy with this album. For me (not being familiar with Threshold) this is something completely new and I sure do like it! There’s just no way that I’m going to pigeon hole this band ‘cause that’s simply impossible. There’s catchy melodies, there’s raw rock, there’s metallic riffs and all are performed perfectly. Really, every song has an own identity and style of its own and I think that’s the main strength of this band.
Take for example the first track, ‘My Heart Bleeds’. It’s an extremely catchy music because of the melodic chorus that’s used. But somewhat later on the album you’ll find yourself some solid metal riffs. All in all enough diversity to draw ones attention and to keep it throughout the entire album. Although I could imagine that the vocals will annoy some of you a little bit every now and then, I still think that’s really not something that should keep you from listening.
This music is said to attract Threshold fans but I personally think that Stuck Mojo fans (I only know their last album Southern Born Killers) can dig this shit too. The latter should check out ‘Not In My Name’. If you’re into something refreshing then be sure to check this band out!
Kyrbgrinder - Defiance
74/1001Details Mausoleum Records
Released on Friday Jun 1st, 2007
Heavy Rock

Writer @Boek on Monday Jun 11th, 2007

Tags: #Kyrbgrinder
Tracklisting 01. My Heart Bleeds
02. Defiance
03. The Guide
04. What About Me
05. Fall Away
06. Not In My Name
07. Wayside
08. I Wanna Kill
09. Monster
10. Swallowed My Life
11. Greatest Weapon
Line up Johanne James – Drums, Vocals
Dave Dart – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Eddie Vendetta – Bass