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Hjallerhorn - The New Wave of Classic Heavy Metal
Ever noticed how rocksingers from Scandinavia with a heavy accent sometimes sound like their in a car that is driving over multiple speedbumps? I tell you, once you start focusing on it, you can't help but imagining a bunch of long haired (and impressively bearded) dudes in a stationwagon.
Hjallerhorn's new disc satisfies in that sence. Lots of speedbumps in the singing. But enough about the ethnic stuff. Cause if Hjallerhorn are driving over speedbumps, they are most likely doing this at 140 kilometres an hour. As the title to this demo tells us, the style is of a wave that can only be labeled 'heavy'. And 'metal', for that matter. No, really.
New Wave Of Classic Heavy Metal is one great demo. There, I said something sensible. Their mixture of Maidenesque / Metallica-style metal is played and recorded in a way that one can only say "wow".
So, "wow".
Now, this genre of metal is a dangerous one for new bands. Since it thrives on melody and guitarist craftmanship, chances are that young bands with demos sound like poo. Hjallerhorn however, delivers properly. Big fat riffs give a Thrashy edge to the NWOBHM sound. Even a nice rude-as-fuck Motörhead style song finds it way in here. This is a group who know what they are doing.
However it has to be said: Dani Nilsen's accent is a bit bothersome. One wonders what the hell's wrong with Norwegian. The other thing that is curious is the fact that not all songs seem to be of the same recording quality. The demo starts off very impressive, but sounds more like a budget effort by the end.
But all in all I won't slag Hjallerhorn. It's a great little demo overall, and with better songwriting and a consistent production this is a band that has the potential to impress hairy people all over the world. And face it, wouldn't you want a Hjallerhorn t-shirt to impress your underground friends?
"Who's shirt is that?"
"It's the fucking 'horn, dude."
I like the sound of that, to be honest.
Looking forward to an album!
Hjallerhorn - The New Wave of Classic Heavy Metal
No ScoreDetails Independent
Released on Tuesday Jun 12th, 2007
NWOBHM / Thrash

Writer @Lex on Tuesday Jun 12th, 2007

Tags: #Hjallerhorn
Tracklisting 1. The Changeling
2. Murder
3. Eye Of The Storm
4. Blood And Black Lace
5. Iron Clad Soldier
Line up Martin Krogh - Lead Guitar
Kristoffer Berg Haugan - Bass Guitar
Dani Nilsen - Rhythm Guitar&Vocals
Kjetil Krogvold - Drums