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Mesmerized - Coronation
Mesmerized is an (extreme) death/black metal band from Poland. I had never heard of them before and neither did anyone else of our crew since nobody seemed very willing to review this re-mastered version of their debut album called Coronation. Let’s go for a nasty ride!
To be honest with you I didn’t have very high expectations of this effort. The cover doesn’t do much to me and even the band’s logo is that typical standard death/black metal logo. Anyways, when the first tunes blasted out of my speakers I began to have my doubts. It’s a style I don’t like, no doubts about that! But still this band grabbed my attention for a while. They’ve got a fat, blasting sound that I cannot even imagine hearing live without my eardrums getting completely fucked up. But why, WHY is there the most useless, 4 second intro on this album? Damn! I just can’t come up with one good reason to do that, really!
Hell, back to the music. As I said it grabbed my attention for a while but after two or three songs there basically are no real surprises anymore. The everlasting bass drums may sound as a nice beat to some of you, to me it becomes pretty standard and annoying after a while. Vocal wise there is little or none variation either and the same goes for pretty much all the music included on this 30 minutes lasting disc. Nope, it’s not something I’m able to listen to for more than 15 minutes or so. 
Fans of Vader and Marduk should check this one out according to the website of Heavy Horses Records so I suggest you do so! I probably won’t listen to it anymore but that’s just a matter of taste I guess. If you decide to check out a song, pick ‘Extermination’, that song actually has some distinctive sounds in it because of the usage of gunfire.
Mesmerized’s Coronation; extremely nasty death/black metal for the diehard fans of the genre.
Mesmerized - Coronation
60/1001Details Heavy Horses Records
Released on Sunday Oct 1st, 2006
Death/Black Metal

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Jun 12th, 2007

Tags: #Mesmerized
Tracklisting 1. Intro
2. The Storm Is Coming
3. Highway Of Sleep
4. Blastcrowned
5. His Empty Shrine
6. Vermilion
7. Swirling Of Madness
8. Extermination
9. Nivelheim
10. About: Exterminate Love
Line up Daniel – Vocals, Bass
Marek – Vocals, Bowels, Diaphragm
Artur – Guitar
Marcin – Drums