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Korpiklaani - Tervaskanto
Did you ever had the feeling that when you listen to a record for the first time you have the tendency to appreciate it more than it actually deserves? The first time you hear it you hop around your room in your underwear and you're glad your neighbours can’t see you acting all crazy. It happens when you just received good news or something like that. Anything you put on is brilliant, no matter what. The same thing happened to me when I first listened to Tervaskanto from Korpiklaani. I wanted to give this one almost the maximum score, but having a gut instinct that I might regret it later on, I decided to wait a little bit more.    
I have to admit that when I put it on a week later, I still wanted to get a beer and get really drunk. Since Korpiklaani’s albums always start of with a drinking song, it almost goes without saying. But my enthusiasm for the record had worn down a bit. Sure it is a joyful album and sure the up-tempo party songs will be fun on the upcoming festivals. In a private setting, well I just don’t know. Tervaskanto has a good sound and all the other standard positive things you can say about an album. For me personally it’s not music that I put on every day.
Tervaskanto does lean heavier on the folk side than before. Accordion is the leading instrument, sometimes flute, on many of the songs. Ok, it does give the songs that authentic Korpiklaani touch. Unfortunately, the music is very predictable. I will however check them out on the upcoming Graspop festival. It is the perfect place to enjoy their music. Cheers!
Korpiklaani - Tervaskanto
75/1001Details Napalm Records
Released on Tuesday Jun 12th, 2007
Finnish Humppa Folk Metal

Writer @Angel on Tuesday Jun 12th, 2007

Tags: #Korpiklaani
Tracklisting 1. Let's Drink
2. Tervaskanto (Resinous Stump)
3. Viima (Icy Wind)
4. Veriset Ap�r�t (Bloody Bastard Children)
5. Running With Wolves
6. Liekki�n Isku (the Revenge of Liekkio)
7. Palovana (Inner Fire)
8. Karhunkaatolaulu (Bear Hunt Song)
9. Misty Fields
10. Vesilahden Ver�jill� (At the Gates of Vesilahti)
11. Nordic Feast
Line up Jonne - zang en gitaar
Matson - drum
Hittavainen - viool, jouhikko
Jarkko - bass
Cane - gitaar
Juho - accordion