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The Grief - The Realm of The Grief
Equador, known for the Inca culture and……. Well, that is the only thing I know about Equador. But I'd never expected there are black metal bands in Equador. I guess they are hunted by the Indians because of their satanic evil sounding horrible noises.
So, The Grief are from Equador, that will be clear to you. The band was founded 2005 and was formed by members of the former band Kybalion.
So what about their musical skills? The Grief plays melodic dramatic black metal. The demo consists of 3 songs with a total duration of about 15 minutes. For me that is enough. It's not that the songs suck big time, the songwriting is quite nice. But the production is rather poor. The mix sounds very thin. That really is a pity, because the classical arrangements are pushed back to the background too much. But that is not the worst. 

The vocals, they are way too dready. It’s all just the same annoying screaming. At the beginning I thought it sounded quite okay, it sounded a little like the high screams of Dani Filth, but that is it, just those high screams. More variation on the vocals would be a huge improvement for the band.
If the vocalist would practice some more, and the next production would be better mixed, I guess The Grief have a change to build up a name, because there is much potential in this band.
The Grief - The Realm of The Grief
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Released on Tuesday May 15th, 2007
Black Metal

Writer @Arcane on Wednesday Jun 13th, 2007

Tags: #The Grief
Tracklisting 1. The first Strumble
2. The Realm of The Grief
3. Regret
Line up Galeas – vocals
X-ar – guitars
Sohamel – bass
X-ri - drums