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Kill A Celebrity - Grindslaughter
A while ago Metalrage was mailed by Lachlan Dale from Grindhead Records, if we were interested in reviewing the album Grindslaughter from his band Kill A Celebrity. I said sure, go ahead! So here’s the result!
Kill A Celebrity is a grindcore three-piece from Sydney, Australia. As you can see from their name they’re not too fond of celebrities, which is also stated in about more than half of their biography. I quote: ‘We despise the fucking pathetic, soulless, mindless, weak, shallow human wastes of flesh and bone we call celebrities; walking this earth with an undeserved air of achievement, superiority and adequacy as they are worshipped by the overweight, passionless TV junkie fuckin’ shitheads in America and across popular culture’. Quite clear I’d say.
Grindslaughter at first appealed to me because there are samples from Adult Swim cartoons like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Metalocalypse, two of the best cartoons ever. So when I first heard the album, I was a bit disappointed that the production of the music itself is quite poor. Therefore I was not really looking forward to reviewing this one, but the more I listened to the record the more I heard that the music that they play is pretty damn good if you ask me. Influences that are mentioned have quite some names that I appreciate, like Antigama, Cephalic Carnage, Pig Destroyer and Nasum. The album also features a nice cover of Nasum’s ‘Engine Of Death’. The last track 'Corbetti' is kind of a mystery to me, it's basically a chill jazzy track that one might hear on Arrow Jazz FM here in Holland, while there's some incoherent mumbling in it. A bit of a weird ending of the album.
So my conclusion is that this album has some great songs on it, only it takes some work to see through the crappy production. I suspect they did this on purpose, but I think with maybe a little more budget they could have created an amazing debut and could have gotten right in line with the names mentioned above. Especially if your guitarist is one of the label’s co-owners. Doesn't matter, I guess the true noise-grind fans can blow some spunk on this one. So just take their advice and Kill A Celebrity!!!
Kill A Celebrity - Grindslaughter
72/1001Details Grindhead Records
Released on Sunday Mar 18th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Jun 13th, 2007

Tags: #Kill A Celebrity
Tracklisting 1. Hell Is Other People
2. You're A Disease
3. Pollute, Rape, Decay
4. Binary God
5. American Heroin
6. Sterile Existence
7. Grind Of The Everyday
8. Jesus Ate My Baby
9. Engine Of Death
10. Fecal Matter Makes Surprisingly Good Lubricant
11. P.H.H.O.A.F.S.
12. Corbetti
Line up Lachlan Dale - riffs
SCK - blasts
Axe Attack - screams