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Vert - Accepting Denial
I quote: “…and sneak preview of the new track ‘Skin’ took hundreds of playbacks on within hours of being placed online.” So what would you think when a band achieves that? I guess you would think the same as I did, this band must rock!!!
I tried. And I tried again. I tried really hard! No shit, I tried hard! But I just couldn’t see why this band is so popular in their hometown area. Is it because they sound like Incubus now and then? Or is it because they sound like Lostprophets now and then? Or is it just because they rape the beautiful sound of 36 Crazyfists? The latter, being probably the worst you can do as a band in my opinion. Do not fuck with 36CF! But if you still decide to do so, do it right!
I’m sorry guys, but this album lacks a lot of things. First of all, it couldn’t hold my attention. My mind constantly wanders off to something else, sometimes being disturbed by the false notes that come out of my speakers again. Seriously, if you hit so many false notes on an album, how in the name of Satan can you do it better live? That’s gotta be a really tough job!
Next to that, as I said, this band sometimes sound like 36 Crazyfists but a bit more rock-oriented. The biggest problem however is that it all sounds quite uninspired. So cliché and basically not that original either. Still, it’s not all that bad and sometimes I discover some catchy tunes. It’s nice that Vert gets applauded by their local fanbase but I don’t believe that’s as much for the quality as much as it is for just being “famous” in their hometown.
Fact is, I really don’t want to give these guys such a negative review but as I said, I tried really hard not to. I’d suggest them to take a new vocalist and after that I’m willing to give ‘em another chance. Nope, Vert doesn’t do anything to me. Too bad ‘cause I had high expectations!
Vert - Accepting Denial
53/1001Details Casket Music
Released on Monday Mar 26th, 2007

Writer @Boek on Monday Jun 18th, 2007

Tags: #Vert
Tracklisting 01. Echo
02. Accepting Denial
03. Reducer (Seep)
04. Feeling
05. Chasing After The Spark
06. A Scream For Independence
07. Room For One More
08. My Desolation
09. Skin
10. Whisper
Line up Steve Braund – Vocals
Andy Dorsett – Bass, Backing Vocals
Brendon Riley – Guitar, Piano, Backing Vocals
Gaz Ayres – Drums