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Trelldom - Till Minne...
I believe there is no other genre besides metal where musicians or vocalists are involved in other projects or bands so widely. Sometimes they participate in complete other genre's like electro or ambient, but often they stay true to metal. Like Gaahl, vocalist of Gorgoroth.
Till Minne… is Trelldom's third release since the foundation of the band back in 1992 by Gaahl. Actually I'd never heard of this band before. Well, I've heard the name, but it never got my attention really. So when they released Till Minne… I thought now would be the time.
So what can you expect? Black metal! But what kind of black metal, since there are so many sub-genres in black metal. Old school, non compromising thrashing black metal is what you can expect. Nothing new, nothing refreshing, but some nice decent black metal. The album consists of 8 songs of raw black metal. Well seven, that is. The last song is an instrumental song, and has nothing to do with black metal really. Nonetheless a great song, which would do it very nice on an album by the folk(metal) band Lumsk. But back to the metal.
The main tempo of the songs is up tempo, lots of thrash beats and blasts but of course you'll hear some slower parts as well, which give the songs more variety. And that is what this album needed, otherwise it would get boring in my opinion. All songs have a very nice sinister feeling, but 'Steg', with a duration of 10:41 minutes beats all the other songs. Just awesome. Actually it's quite weird, 'cause the first seven minutes they play just one riff, but how they do it is just great.
The production fits the music perfectly, it sounds like the songs themselves, raw. So if you are into black metal and don't give a fuck about progression, Till Minne… should be in your collection.
Trelldom - Till Minne...
78/1001Details Regain Records
Released on Monday May 21st, 2007
Black Metal

Writer @Arcane on Wednesday Jun 20th, 2007

Tags: #Trelldom
Tracklisting 1. Til Minne...
2. Bortkomme Svar
3. Fra Mitt Gamle...
4. By my Will
5. Vinternatt
6. From this Past
7. Steg
8. Eg Reiste I Minnet
Line up Gaahl - Vocals
Sir - Bass
Valgard - Guitar
Are - Session drums