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Herman Rarebell's Band - I'm Back
I’m Back. Sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator including the thick German accent. But it is in fact the title from Herman Rarebell’s new album. For those who aren’t familiar with classic rock, he was once the drummer of The Scorpions. He was part of them during their most successful years, from the Black Out album right through their biggest hit 'Wind of Change'. He left in 1996 after the Live Bites album.
I was a little bit afraid that Herman Rarebell would sing on the entire album when I heard opening track ‘Take It As It Comes’. A good track, but let’s face it, he’s not the world’s greatest singer, not even mentioning his thick German accent. I guess Rarebell realizes that too, so most vocals are actually handled by Stefan Erz. Definitely a better vocalist, but I can’t say that he really adds something special to the album. According to the booklet, this album was made with his friends. And it does sound like a hobby project, made with your best pals. Ok, his wife Claudia Raab also performs saxophone on quite a few tracks and it does give it a special touch. ‘Cause I don’t know many hardrock or metal acts who use this instrument.

There are good songs on the album, highlight being ‘Freak Show’ which is a nice power ballad. What puzzles me a little bit is why a new version of ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’ is on this record. It adds nothing to the original version. Yes, he was the co-author of the track, but this modernised version is really unnecessary. Especially when the rest of the album actually sounds dated.
I wonder if when he called it a day, he said to his fellow band mates: I’ll be back. Well, I’m Back isn’t exactly to be called exciting. It falls in the category nicely done, nothing more, nothing less.
Herman Rarebell's Band - I'm Back
65/1001Details Mausoleum
Released on Thursday Jun 21st, 2007
Classic Rock

Writer @Angel on Thursday Jun 21st, 2007

Tags: #Herman Rarebell's Band
Tracklisting 01. Take It As It Comes
02. Don't Lose Your Trust
03. Rough Job
04. Let Me Rock You
05. Your Love Is Hurting
06. Freak Show
07. Heya Heya
08. Backattack
09. Rock You Like A Hurricane
10. Wipe Out
11. Drum Dance
12. I'm Back
Bonus Track
13. Your Love Is Hurting
(Radio Version)
Line up Herman Rarebell - Drums, Vocals
Sefan Erz - Lead Vocals
Claudia Raab - Saxophone

Guest Musicians (selection):
Thomas Perry - Guitar and Bass
Jens Peter Abele - Guitar and bass
Marquis de Schoelch - Keyboards