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Tomahawk - Anonymous
How much do you know about Indians? No not the people from India, but the Native Americans, who were butchered by Christianity. You probably heard about Chief Sitting Bull and Pocahontas and stuff, but how much do you know about their music? And how would an avant-rock band like Tomahawk use this music to create their highly anticipated new album? Find out, on Anonymous.
It’s been four years since the previous Tomahawk album Mit Gas, and a small line-up change has taken place within the band’s ranks. The band is now a three-piece, comprised of John Stanier (Battles, ex-Helmet) on drums and percussion, Duane Denison (U.S.S.A, ex-Jesus Lizard, Hank Williams III) on guitar and bass, and of course my all-time hero in music; Mike Patton on vocals and electronics. I hope it is redundant to say it, but he is/was active in acts like Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantômas, Peeping Tom and an endless list of other ingenious acts. Worship him.
Enough of the ‘oh that guy is in that band too so it must be awesome.’ What the bad did for this record is really make their name stand for something; they made a record full of songs based on actual Native American folk music, documented by Natalie Curtis Burlin and such. This means Anonymous, which refers to the unknown sources of the songs, is a fairly gentile album that impresses, amazes, relaxes and expands horizons. I’ve always liked Native American music, it has a thick layer of mysticism and this feeling of harmony with nature (yes I smoke pot). I guess this really started way back when I was introduced to a record by some dudes called Corporate Avenger, anyone remembers that…?
Of course the music on Anonymous is a bit weirder than your average Indian song, but I think they managed to capture the atmosphere perfectly. The album was recorded in two parts, the first was made out of the bass, guitar and drums and then Patton added his vocals and electronic effects. I must say that it is a real treat to hear Patton do all these Native American tongues, he just keeps amazing me with new vocal capabilities over and over again.
If you were a fan of the first two albums, this one may come as a surprise, as it did to me. But it quickly turned into a pleasant surprise in my judgement. Tomahawk and Patton fans need to check this out asap.
Tomahawk - Anonymous
95/1001Details Ipecac Recordings
Released on Tuesday Jun 19th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Jun 21st, 2007

Tags: #Tomahawk
Tracklisting 1. War Song
2. Mescal Rite 1
3. Ghost Dance
4. Red Fox
5. Cradle Song
6. Antelope Ceremony
7. Song Of Victory
8. Omaha Dance
9. Sun Dance
10. Mescal Rite 2
11. Totem
12. Crow Dance
13. Long, Long Weary Day
Line up Duane Denison - guitar/bass
John Stanier - drums/percussion
Mike Patton - vocals/electronics