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Rise To Addiction - A New Shade Of Black For The Soul
Just recently Rise To Addiction toured with Chicago doomsters Trouble through Europe. Back then I didn’t know the band and neither did I know their material. But here it is again, RtA is one of those bands that have always gained my interest just by their name and so I came to the decision to review this album. For some reason I always thought that this band played metalcore (and so did our chief editor) but that sure isn’t the case here.
Formed by guitarists Steve Wray and John Slater (formerly of Blaze), this band consists of quite some experienced musicians. And it shows! What we have here is a combination of grooving heavy metal, grunge influences and riffs as strong as concrete. Every single song is strong on its own but still fits on the album as a whole. The sporadically present guitar solos can only add up to the joy of listening this album. And if you still had your doubts about Rise To Addiction being an amateur band or something; Andy Sneap himself produced their album!
Vocal wise I’m just not so sure whether I like it or not. I guess I do but after a while it seems a little too much of the same to me. It’s a strong, melodic yet raw-edged voice, that’s for sure, and it’s not even that high (considering most heavy metal vocalists) but the thing is that I would have liked some more risks now and then. Just throw in a real raw scream or something like that. I think it would have done the album good.
Still this is music for a lot of people. It’s quite accessible because of the many different approaches used in the songs and the music stands as a rock. One song might be catchier than the other (check for example the fast-paced 'This Ride') but in the end the entire effort could considered to be a very nice debut album. Two thumbs up for Rise To Addiction!
One more recommendation: play this stuff loud! Really loud! You’ll like it even better.
Rise To Addiction - A New Shade Of Black For The Soul
75/1001Details Mausoleum Records
Released on Friday May 18th, 2007
Grooving (Heavy) Metal ao

Writer @Boek on Thursday Jun 21st, 2007

Tags: #Rise To Addiction
Tracklisting 01. A New Shade
02. Cold Season
03. Moth To A Flame
04. Falling As One
05. Low
06. One Sweet Minute
07. This Ride
08. Everlasting Wave
09. I Follow
10. To A God Unknown
11. Fessonia
12. The Hive
Line up Leigh Oates – Vocals
John Slater – Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Steve Wray – Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Joel Graham – Bass
Aynsley Dickinson – Drums & Percussion