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Partenos Petras - De Anarchia Obscurorum Seculorum
Partenos Petras was originally formed in 2002 under the moniker of Lord Milos. After the decision of founding band member “Zeder”, to split up the band, it was soon to be reformed. With their new album, the band is bringing a homage to the darkness of the middle ages, when violence and oppression ruled human life.

The intro on this album lasts for about one and half minute. I’ll keep it short: it’s useless and doesn’t add anything to the album, period. Fortunately the next song, ‘Dominus Et Deus’ kicks in quite heavily. Finally some real metal. Black metal, that is. Or, not-too-original black metal, to be more precise. Not taking the intro in consideration, there are only six songs left on this effort. Time enough to convince me I’d say. But in this case the band failed in doing so.

First of all the songs lack true originality in the vocal as well as the musical department. The only thing that really adds something to the music are some effects. Like you hear some tortured (children’s) voices in the background in the second track. But that’s about it really. In ‘Usus Et Abusus’ there’s quite an original ending, with an acoustic guitar, but to be honest I don’t have the feeling it fits the album that well.

As you can see, I’m at least trying to emphasize some aspects of the album but that already says enough I guess. De Anarchia Obscurorum Seculorum is an album with an average production, not very much originality and a way too long unpronounceable name. Nah, can’t really say this is a must for the average black metal fan.
Partenos Petras - De Anarchia Obscurorum Seculorum
60/1001Details Kick Agency
Released on Sunday Dec 31st, 2006
Black Metal

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Jun 26th, 2007

Tags: #Partenos Petras
Tracklisting 1. Intro
2. Dominus Et Deus
3. So Dark The Con Of Man
4. Usus Et Abusus
5. Terrorist Metal
6. The End Of Monotheist
7. (Outro) Nautonier
Line up Antonio “Zeder” Zannone – Vocals, Guitar
Francesco “Othis” Martino – Guitar
Gianluca “Silas” Zannone – Drums