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Goryptic - From Blast To Collapse
Consisting of former Heresy members (a band which I don't know) Goryptic are a French outfit who play a decent slab of brutal technical death metal with also a lot of groove, but can it actually add something to an already crowded genre?
The first thing thing that comes to mind while listening to this album is Suffocation. These French have the same sense of riffing as the US death metal masters, so that's actually a good thing. Goryptic only sound way more underground. The sound is more chaotic. I hear more grind influences and the overall sound has a lot of grooving beatdown parts (not in a hardcore way.. but it just pounds). 

It's actually a quite enjoyable listen. A lot of creative riffing and blasting make sure you don't get bored. I do tend to miss real songs with a start and an end, instead of a string of riffs with a lot of growling, so that might be a point of review for the next album. Then again, if that's what these guys like to do..
So in the end we have an album which has a lot of cool riffs, a lack of coherent songs, and sounds a bit too chaotic at times, but overall is an enjoyable listen due to said cool riffs which add just the right hook at the right moment. And that's a noteworthy feat on it's own.
Goryptic - From Blast To Collapse
78/1001Details Autoproduction
Released on Tuesday Mar 6th, 2007
Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Jun 27th, 2007

Tags: #Goryptic
Tracklisting 01 - Stupid Spoiled Whores
02 - Circle Pit
03 - Malformed Pig Fetus
04 - Ill Treated
05 - Visceral Hate
06 - Internal Conflict
07 - Stacking Stillborn
08 - Eight shitty hours&a happy slaughter
09 - Bloody Ophiuchus*
10 - Condemned to the stake
11 - Bonus track
Line up Dam - Vocals
Ugo - Guitar
Jon - Bass
Guyom - Drums