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Ulcerate - Of Fractures And Failure
The first promos of the infamous Dutch brutal metal label Neurotic Records have reached our office, prepare for mayhem! I’m honoured with one of the two releases, namely the in 2000 formed death metal outfit Ulcerate from New Zealand. This, however, is their debut album, having seen many line-up changes and style defining moments through the years. So here’s the result: Of Fracture And Failure.
Luckily Ulcerate appears to be a band that prefers originality over sheer brutality. The band has clearly put a lot of thought in these songs, because there are some interesting twists and turns in their music. A lot of fooling around with rhythms maintains my interest throughout the entire album, while the sound of the band is that of a brutal and extreme death/grind act. I get reminded of Immolation as well, but I have the idea it is completely intended to. This combined will surely get some heads banging, I assure you.
The recordings are a little messy and unpolished here and there, and while some bands sound even better because of this fact, I think this band should get a bad ass producer for their next release. Ulcerate basically shows more than just potential, it is an already skilled band with some very good material. The sound that they’ve chosen is that of a somewhat more serious and aggressive version of The Red Chord (well, the Clients album), just a little faster and a little more aimed at brutality.
This is bound to please any fan of brutal death metal, innovative or traditional, as long as it grooves. And this shit grooves, trust me. Of Fracture And Failure is more than a decent debut album and I’m already curious to their next release.
Ulcerate - Of Fractures And Failure
82/1001Details Neurotic Records
Released on Monday Nov 27th, 2006
Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Jul 5th, 2007

Tags: #Ulcerate
Tracklisting 01 Praise And Negation
02 Ad Naeseam
03 The Mask Of The Satyr
04 Becoming The Lycanthrope
05 To Fell Goliath
06 Martyr Of The Soil
07 Failure
08 The Coming Of Genocide
09 Defaeco
Line up Ben Read - Vocals
Michael Hoggard - Guitar
Michael Rothwell - Guitar
Paul Kelland - Bass
Jamie Saint Merat - Drums
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