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Unholy - Blood Of The Medusa
Unholy is an American thrash metal band that have just released their second album Blood Of The Medusa. There is quite some experience in this band, they have been or are active in acts such as Another Victim, Path Of Resistance, When Tigers Fight, Godbelow, The Promise and Santa Sangre. Quite a list of names, so my expectations were quite high when I received this disc. Let’s see if Unholy can live up to them.

A lot of the bands mentioned above are more active in the hardcore and metalcore genre, which is something that is also the case with Unholy, although thrash metal is their primary style. With these two things they have also entwined some more slow material, as in heavy rock. Add a good strong vocalist that doesn’t sing clean and occasionally faintly reminds me of one Phil Anselmo here and there and you might say that Unholy is quite a decent band.

And I must say that Blood Of The Medusa is a very entertaining disc. I do have to mention that there’s nothing new or refreshing to be found here, but the band has definitely picked their style and sound, and it does groove quite nicely. But there are some parts that just sound all too standard to me, might be the hardcore influence for me. Luckily the vocalist ensures that these parts still stay somewhat brutal with his amazing screams, so the band doesn’t sound like just another one of those modern metalcore bands.

So what we have on our hands is a catchy but fairly unoriginal thrash/hardcore/metal band that can approach a wide metal audience I think, might it be a mainstream audience though. If you’re into grooving and easy accessible metal this is something you should check out.
Unholy - Blood Of The Medusa
73/1001Details Lambgoat Records
Released on Tuesday Jun 5th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Jul 9th, 2007

Tags: #Unholy
Tracklisting 1. New Faith
2. Variola
3. A Whisper In The Darkness
4. Where Angels Fear
5. Blood Of The Medusa
6. Touch Of Death
7. Beyond The Shroud
8. Past This Mortal Flame
9. Rise Of Sarnath
10. Dreams In The Witch House
11. Entrails Of A Rotting Sky
12. Oblivion
Line up Claude Rains - Vocals
Jonathan Dennison - guitar
Steve Caiello - guitar
Rick Argiro - bass
Joe Murphy - drums