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Spoil Engine - Skinnerbox V.07
This review has been in my queue for quite a while now. The only reason for this is that I wanted to give these guys the review they deserved. Today it’s the third time I rewrite my review because I’m still excited about the debut album of Spoil Engine called Skinnerbox V.07. Spoil Engine rose from the ashes of the Belgian bands Regression and Deformity and if you ask me that was a winning lottery ticket.
From the beginning of the album,´Enter The Arena´ till´Voices Of Escape´, they left me speechless. Brutal Gothenburg metal with a touch of Machine Head. Heavy riffs with a tight rhythm section and brutal vocals, it all sounds so simple. But apparently it’s not because if it were that simple, there would be tons of albums like this.
I don’t know how they pulled it off, but in a way everything is perfect about this album. The riffs are one of the better ones I’ve heard this year. The rhythm section is practically abusing their instruments (I feel pity for the double bassdrum), and the vocals are so intensely aggressive you’d shit your pants if you walked into the vocalist in a dark alley. Combine this all with a powerful, heavy but crystal clear production of Jochem Jacobs (Textures) and you have an album that would make several country members quit their band realising they can’t live up to this standard.
Spoil Engine created a great metal monster that is a welcome refreshment in a time where mediocre metalcore bands rule the world. Personal favourites on this album are hard to pick because all the songs are great especially ‘Nihil’, ‘Own Worst Enemy´, 'Danilah Breaks´ and ´Blood On My hands´. Skinnerbox V.07 is an album that will end up in my yearlist for sure and to be honest I’m already looking forward to the live show and their next album.
Spoil Engine - Skinnerbox V.07
90/1001Details Apache Production
Released on Friday May 18th, 2007

Writer @Niamen on Wednesday Jul 11th, 2007

Tags: #Spoil Engine
Tracklisting 1. Enter The Arena
2. Nihil
3. Own Worst Enemy
4. Over&Out
5. Cold&Black
6. Chains
7. Danilah Breaks
8. Blood On My Hands
9. Fitting The Pieces
10. Voices Of Escape
Line up Niek - Vocals
Nick - Guitar
Gaze - Guitar
Stoffe - Bass
Steven - Drums