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Insania Stockholm - Agony, A Gift Of Life
Insania Stockholm has found out that there are more bands on the face of the earth that are called Insania so they put the name of their hometown after the band name to make clear which Insania they are. Insania Stockholm came together in 1992 but after several band members left the band a slightly different course was entered in 2003. In 2007 they’ve just released their fourth full-length album called Agony – A Gift Of Life.
Starting with an instrumental song that immediately gives away the influences of Insania Stockholm, it’s pretty obvious that Insania Stockholm has looked very closely to Helloween, Stratovarious and Blind Guardian. With ´Facing My Destiny´ the album finally gets his real start and again the names that are mentioned above are circling inside my head. Unluckily this doesn’t change for the rest of the album.
This doesn’t necessarily means the album sucks. The musicians are well capable of mastering their instruments considering the solos that are played during the album. Also the vocalist knows his way around the album. Only in the songs ´Facing My Destiny´ and ´Gift Of Life´ he is too close to the range of his vocals. However, many of the songs aren’t that bad but it is just that everything has been done better before.
So in the end you have an album that has many great musicians on it but the music they have written is quite similar to the bands we already know. Especially in these times it’s very important to come with something that is new, sounds refreshing or different. Which is also the greatest problem of Insania Stockholm, they just lack their own face.
Insania Stockholm - Agony, A Gift Of Life
60/1001Details Avalon
Released on Saturday Jun 30th, 2007
Power metal

Writer @Niamen on Wednesday Jul 11th, 2007

Tags: #Insania Stockholm
Tracklisting 1. Agony (instrumental)
2. Facing my destiny
3. Hope
4. To live another day
5. Gift of life
6. One day
7. Fight for life
8. Valley of sunlight
9. Times of glory
10. Dreams
11. Time passes by
12. Alive
Line up Ola Hal�n - Vocals
Peter �stros - Guitars
Tomas Stolt - Bass
Dimitri Keiski - Keyboards&backing vocals
Mikko Korsb�ck - Drums