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Abandoned - Thrash you!
From Germany comes a band with their second CD which is hard to describe…well, actually not…it can simply be described by three words: Sanctity, Sanctity and…uhhh…Sanctity
And that could very well be the end of this review, because really everything that these Germans do is exactly the same as that new thrash band on Roadrunner. When I first listened to the record I was like what the hell, by some mysterious way I managed to get Sanctity’s next, yet to be written record in my CD player. This is especially caused by the singer who has exactly the same strange characteristic voice as that of Sanctity; the two men could swap places without anyone noticing.
The production of the record is excellent, no complains about that. Also the guitar skills are satisfying, everything is ultra tight and some good solos pass by. However, I'd never really get a feeling like: yeah! This is kick ass thrash! It’s simply a solid thrash record, just as we are used with anything from Germany.
Fans of Sanctity should really check this out; for those this album will be probably kick ass. To other thrash devotees I would say that it is a reasonable thrash record, but it will probably never manage to get you a full erection. Oh, and a half point is subtracted from their score just for the lame title of the record…Thrash you!...come on…
Abandoned - Thrash you!
55/1001Details Dockyard 1
Released on Sunday Jun 10th, 2007

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Sunday Jul 15th, 2007

Tags: #Abandoned
Tracklisting 1. Incantation 00:52
2. Visions of Death 04:12
3. We Are Hell 04:00
4. Disorder 03:24
5. Die In Dignity 04:06
6. Sands of Time 05:10
7. Feel The FIre 03:58
8. Damned For All Time 03:49
9. This Is The End 03:37
10. Repentance 01:29
11. Too Blind To See 05:31
12. In Search of Sanity 03:05
13. Trapped 03:40
14. V.O.D. Reprise 01:13
Line up Vocals/Guitar: Eric "Kalli" Kaldschmidt
Guitar: Holger Ziegler
Bass: G´┐Żnter Auschrat
Drums: Konrad Cartini