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Harvey Milk - My Love Is Higher Than Your Assessment Of What My Love Could Be (reissue)
Relapse Records is reissuing some material of the underground cult noise/post-rock band Harvey Milk. This band has seized to be and all the members have scattered into other musical goals and directions, but their music still stands on a high platform to those into something original at that time, and even at this time I can say. I believe the first three records are out of print for a long time already, so here’s the release of their first full length; My Love Is Higher Than Your Assessment Of My Love Could Be.
Noise/post-rock, that is what to expect on this disc. Harvey Milk is one of those bands that has managed to influence some of the more modern bands around these days, like for instance Mastodon, Melvins, 27, Isis and who knows what more. Their uncompromising sound lingers between beautiful, delicate calmness and devastating, deadly depressing brutality. It’s a different dimension, it’s one-of-a-kind, it’s fucking Harvey Milk, and they have a sledgehammer, for musical purposes even!
For those who don’t know, the name Harvey Milk comes from a homosexual politician from San Francisco who was assassinated in 1978. In their time the band has released many obscure split albums and seven inches that are harder to find than a brain cell in George Bush’s skull. Luckily the unavailable full length’s are about to be reissued now, so let the world know what madness already went on in the nineties.
The reason there’s no real description about the music here is because there’s an interesting story from a reporter of the Chunklet Magazine in the biography who does exactly the same. This is a band you have to hear to believe. It’s not made for many people, it doesn’t exactly cheer you up, it doesn’t really live up to anyone’s expectations, but it’s fucking Harvey Milk.
Harvey Milk is dead. Long live Harvey Milk.
Harvey Milk - My Love Is Higher Than Your Assessment Of What My Love Could Be (reissue)
No ScoreDetails Relapse Records
Released on Monday Aug 6th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Jul 17th, 2007

Tags: #Harvey Milk
Tracklisting 1. A Small Turn Of Human Kindness
2. Women Dig It
3. The Anvil Will Fall
4. Merlin Is Magic
5. My Father's Life's Work
6. Where The Bee Sucks, There Suck I
7. Jim's Polish
8. F.S.T.P.
9. All The Live Long Day
Line up Creston Speirs - vocals, sledgehammer, guitar
Steven Tanner - bass
Paul Trudeau - drums