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Bloodtrial, Rising Tide - Split album
One of my favourite things about writing for an ezine is the fact you can do something for the underground scene. Several weeks ago I received a split disc of two dutch Hardcore bands. Bloodtrial and Rising Tide were brought together by Villa Optima Records who also made this split album possible.
Bloodtrial stated in their bio that they’re not here to reinvent the wheel, but just to play pure honest hardcore in the style of Throwdown, Terror and Hatebreed. Well they succeeded in what they had in mind. Brutal straight to your face hardcore with no compromises. Especially ‘Blackened Blood‘ and ‘Goodbye’ make you want to destroy everything that gets in your way. Mostly because of the brutal voice of vocalist Bart and furious play of the rest of the band Bloodtrial did some damn good business on this split.
After this it’s up to Rising Tide to finish up the album. Rising Tide from Roermond plays a more melodic style of hardcore with several metal influences. With this band it’s like everything is right. The vocals are a great match with the music and everything sounds killer. Especially ‘When Words Fall Short’, which has an intro that reminds me of Iron Maiden, is a song where Rising Tide shows their skills. I hope there is much more where that came from.
In the end this split is a winning deal for both Bloodtrial and Rising Tide. Two passionate hardcore bands that just want to play their favourite style of music without anybody telling them what to do. Add to this some great artwork that scores some extra points and you have a split album that’s well worth mentioning. I’m looking forward to more songs of both bands.
Bloodtrial, Rising Tide - Split album
80/1001Details Villa Optima Records
Released on Friday Jul 20th, 2007

Writer @Niamen on Friday Jul 20th, 2007

Tags: #Bloodtrial, Rising Tide
Tracklisting Bloodtrial
1. Blackened Blood
2. Hate
3. Goodbye
4. Treason

Rising Tide
5. In Tears It Ends
6. When Words Fall Short
7. Memory Lane
8. Heaven's Mandate
Line up Bloodtrial:
Bart - Vocals
Arie- Guitar and Backing vocals
Illona - Guitar
Ferry - Bass
Lukas - Drums

Rising Tide
Joris Hoofs - Vocals
Rob Eijgelshoven - Gitaar
Koen Suilen - Guitar
Bart Janssen - Bass
Rutger Wolters - Drums