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Whiskey Rebels - Create Or Die
The Whiskey Rebels rose from the ashes of two other bands in 2001. Since then they’ve released two full length albums, added songs to several compilation albums, did some split albums and seven inch records. Quite a busy band if you’d ask me. But the album I have here is not a new album of the band. It’s re-release of their Create Or Die album which was released by GMM Records in 2004. This re-release is a project of the German quality label People Like You which is short for I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison.
Starting with ‘Crossroads’ (wasn’t that a Britney Spears Song?) the musical blend of oi, streetpunk, rock 'n' roll and hardcore comes crashing out of my speakers to terrorize my ears. Well maybe terrorize is the wrong word because it doesn’t sound bad at all. The powerful vocals immediately take the leading role on the album and drag you along the twelve tracks that are on the album. The lyrics from Big Chuck take you into his personal life and show you what real punk means. Going on with your head held high.
As for the music I can be short. That’s nothing special, but on the other hand when did you hear a punk band that made original music? Just play and don't complain is probably the theme within Whiskey Rebels and to be honest I do give them credits for it. I like it, just shut your mouth, play and let the guitar do the talking.
The fact that this is a re-release is of course not a big bummer especially when you consider this album was never released in Europe, but as an extra the Whiskey Rebels will come to Europe just to make up all the time we have missed in the past. Which is probably also the reason of this release in Europe and the circle is complete. Create Or Die is an album that will bring the real fans in state of ecstasy, but they probably already have this one. For the rest of the world it’s a nice album with some great songs on it. I guess this album will find its way to my CD player every now and then.
Whiskey Rebels - Create Or Die
No ScoreDetails GMM Records
Released on Tuesday Jun 26th, 2007

Writer @Niamen on Saturday Jul 21st, 2007

Tags: #Whiskey Rebels
Tracklisting 01. Crossroads
02. No Heroes In Hell
03. To Be Poor Is A Crime
04. Reaper Calling
05. Carry On
06. Sex, Thugs&Rock n Roll
07. Disaster
08. Create or Die
09. Killing Me
10. Absolutely Everything
11. Street Corner Gospel
12. Peace Through War
Line up Big Chuck - Vocals
Nate A - Guitar
Jayson - Guitar
Jimmy - Bass
Nate D - Drums