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Eyefear - World Full Of Grey
Eyefear from Australia are a progressive power metal band, with a recent new album. I am not really keen to do this review, but there is much work yet to be done, so I volunteered. The album is entitled World Full Of Grey and honestly, I really do not know what to expect from this. The only bands that I know from Australia are more extreme bands like Blood Duster, Abominator and stuff like that.
The first song on the album is called ‘Searching For Forgiveness’ and this song confirmed everything I thought about this band priory before reviewing this album. It is power metal, so beware of the high screaming of the vocalist. Luckily, he doesn’t overdo it and on some stages he even manages to impress me.
The progressive elements really come back in the song ‘Lost Within’ where the chorus is totally freaked out, which I really like. The complexity of the songs is very high and this means you can easily get lost into the big void that is called music. I’m really forced to say that the music on this album is best understood by real progressive power metal fans, but for what I can make of it, it really sounds okay!
People who expect speed to be a factor in Eyefear, are badly mistaken. There was never a �moment where I was thinking to myself; “Damn, this shit is fast!” Now, it is not a big problem of course, but when I listen to power metal I really expect some insane speed limits.

Ah, I've found another point which I really think is unnessecary in this album, which is the tenth track. This is a radio edit for the song 'Searching For Forgiveness' I really dislike the idea "Radio Edit" If I was to have a radio station, I would just plug the music as it is supposed to be, but that is just something personal I guess.
Everything concluded, I think this is a really decent band, but lacks the immense power of bands like Dream Theater. This doesn't mean it is a�bad choice though, but listen carefully before buying this album!
Eyefear - World Full Of Grey
76/1001Details Dockyard1 Records
Released on Sunday Jun 17th, 2007
Progressive Power Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Wednesday Jul 25th, 2007

Tags: #Eyefear
Tracklisting 1: Searching For Forgiveness
2: A World Full Of Grey
3: Changes
4: Lost Within
5: Moments
6: The Eyes Tell No Lies
7: Whispers Of The Soul
8: Haunted Memories
9: Breathe Again
10: Searching For Forgiveness (Radio Edit)
Line up Vocals - Danny Cecati
Guitars - Con Papazoglou
Bass - Rob Gorham
Drums - Zain Kimmie
Keys - Sammy Giacotto