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Illnath - Second Skin Of Harlequin
Exactly 10 years ago guitarist Peter founded the band Illnath together with Jokum Thor Larsen. Singer “Narrenschiff” joined in 2002 whose prominent voice is the trademark of the band now. By continuous work the once roughly black metal band turned into a guitar emphatic “majestic melodic metal band” which finds itself between Cradle Of Filth, Children Of Bodom and Gamma Ray.
Majestic melodic metal…interesting! To simplify the term: take the fundaments of black metal, add some symphonic elements, death metal influences and a prominently present keyboard that - for a change - does not fuck up the sound. Spice it all up with some odd-sounding noises here and there and you surely get a well-balanced mix that will certainly appeal to people who like black metal but still think the genre lacks enough diversity. To them I can say: try Illnath!
Although I’m not too familiar with the above mentioned bands I certainly hear some CoB influences in the music. I think it’s mainly the vocals that remind of that. Another thing I like are the tempo changes. Sometimes the songs slow down a little with a, most of the times, nice riff before bursting into some faster-paced action again. Gives you a little space to breathe without constantly being ‘forced’ to listen to this kinda depressing style of music.  
All in all Second Skin Of Harlequin is quite a nice album. I can’t say I’m really stunned by it, neither will I listen to it very often in the future but that’s really just a matter of taste. Add up to the music that there’s very nice artwork included and I think this is an album worth checking out for people that like above mentioned bands/styles. Two thumbs up for Illnath!
Illnath - Second Skin Of Harlequin
70/1001Details Deathlight Records
Released on Thursday Mar 1st, 2007
Majestic Melodic Metal

Writer @Boek on Friday Jul 27th, 2007

Tags: #Illnath
Tracklisting 1. And There Was Light
2. Virgin Soil
3. Piet´┐Ż
4. Sought By The Fallen One
5. She The Plague
6. Feathers Shall Fall
7. Clockwork Of Time
8. Book Of Sand
Line up Narrenschiff – Vocals
Pete – Guitar
Tobias – Bass
Tyr – Synths
Snick - Drums