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Jack - MMVII
Hungary’s Jack is a grind/crust band, originated in 1996. Back then they started as a punk band, but as the years passed the style gradually changed to hardcore and then grind and crust. Also many line-up changes took place. Let’s see if MMVII is a worthy addition to one of the noisiest scenes in metal.
Hell fucking yes it is! Nothing new, nothing refreshing, just something highly aggressive and brutal! Think of Napalm Death for sure. Especially the vocals remind me of that insane fucker going by the name of Barney. Fast, short songs all sung in Hungarian. But don’t sweat, they’ve added an English translation with all the lyrics, so you can understand what they’re yelling about, if you care.
There’s not much more to say about these fourteen tracks that last under twenty minutes. You can really hear the drive that bands like Nasum and Napalm Death also possess, although the sound is more like the messy Napalm Death stuff. Grindcore and crustcore fans should definitely pick this one up!
Jack - MMVII
77/1001Details Endless Brutality Of Men Records
Released on Friday Jul 27th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Friday Jul 27th, 2007

Tags: #Jack
Tracklisting 1. A hazugs�g gy�lekezete
2. Ut�pia
3. �res szavak
4. Nyilv�ntartott rabszolga
5. �njel�lt b�lv�ny
6. Elmer�lve
7. Eld�nt�tt sorsok
8. Nem v�ltozik semmi
9. Hazudj magadnak
10. Vak t�rv�ny
11. Monot�nia
12. Gyerekek a fronton (re-recorded)
13. A zene gyilkosai (re-recorded)
14. Rombolj le mindent (re-recorded)
Line up Munty�n - guitar
Bakelit - drums
Levi - vocals
M�tely - bass, vocals