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Roncsipar - Antimonumentum
Yet another band from Hungary for me to review, but this time it is no grindcore, although this release comes through Grindhead Records. This is due to the fact that one of the two guys from this band is the long time vocalist for the grinders of Long Pig. The catchy name of this band is Roncsipar and the style they claim to play is industrial stoner. Sounds vague, but promising. Let’s find out how their new album Antimonumentum sounds.
The music is created with guitars, a bass, vocals and a whole lot of electronics, like laptops and drum machines. And to be honest, I don’t like the production one bit, especially the electronics, nor do I like the music. In my opinion they’ve tried to make an experimental album with an industrial rock base, but completely missed the point. The effects sound horrible most of the time, and the songs themselves don’t really grab me either. And if you think the vocal department makes up for something, you’re wrong. This guy just doesn’t have a great singing voice. Perhaps he can get away with singing in a grindcore band, but this really doesn’t work. The vocals are in Hungarian by the way, so there's no hope for me of understanding what they're saying. Weird thing is that they have a song about one of our Dutch cities, Rotterdam. The track is called 'Rotterdami Erasmus', but I have no idea what they want with it.
The main problem I think is that the songs just aren’t interesting. I hear nothing of which I can say it kicks ass. Just one boring song after another, for an hour long, which is obviously way too much if it’s not appealing in any way. Their obscure, experimental influences have surely failed them here in order to create something magical. Too bad. So my advice is, stay away from this, it won't make you happy.
Roncsipar - Antimonumentum
40/1001Details Grindhead Records
Released on Monday Jul 30th, 2007
Industrial Rock

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Jul 30th, 2007

Tags: #Roncsipar
Tracklisting 1. Nailed thoughts (sz�zas sz�gek)
2. Desiredius Erasmus (rotterdami erasmus)
3. Famine mind (�hl�lek)
4. Clinical sentiment-terminal (logikai �rzelem-termin�l)
5. Can I do? (tudok-e?)
6. Kibera
7. Immanu El
8. Draconian pulsation (dr�k�i l�ktet�s)
9. u'l liK (kell�gem)
10. Antimonumentum
Line up Vajsz Kornel - guitars, vocals, sequencers & drum machines, spectographic manipulation
Ill�s D�vid - bass, laptop & programming