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Unhealthy Dreams - Nightmares Give Way To Apocalypse
I like black metal. I�ve always listened to bands like Emperor and Darkthrone and liked it as well. I was a bit surprised when I received this promo. This is the first black metal I have reviewed for Metalrage. Unhealthy Dreams is a band from France and because France is quite known for quality black metal like Anorexia Nervosa and several other bands, this was thrown in my player immediately. It took several days to fully understand the music. The album begins with Unhealthy � Dreams, and is a fast song with dark tainted atmospheric keyboard rhythms. The style is quite easy to describe and bands like Limbonic Art would compare nicely to this. The quality is high and the album sounds very professional. They have also listened very carefully to Anorexia Nervosa, because the second song could have easily been an A.N. song. Nice selected blast beats on the right moments, without being irritating. The sound is full and the whole album has a quite nice production as well. There isn�t anything more to tell you about it. The album consists of 9 songs which are all standing apart. There isn�t anything linking the songs together for an album. That�s the only critical aspect I could find. People must think I�m bitching now, but I personally favour it when I can hear differences between songs. There is one exception though. Obscurities Whispers is a ballad like song which does sound actually sound different. I miss that on this album, although the songs are surely nice to hear. My conclusion therefore can be short. It�s a very nice album and produced with a clear crystal sound but originality is far away. I won�t bitch about it, because I enjoyed the album from the first note to the last and played it a lot in my car. No doubt this band will come far if they just keep this nice configuration of sound. I would like somewhat more originality on the next album but this album passed the test! Track List: 1: Unhealthy�Dreams 2: Among The Stars 3: War And Glory 4: My Last Temptation 5: Vatican Armageddon 6: Virus 7: Obscurities Whispers 8: Lieber Sterben 9: Where Dead Souls Go To Weep Line Up: Vocals � Ray Guitars � Brice Bass � Jean-Pierre Keys � Phil Drums - Fred
Unhealthy Dreams - Nightmares Give Way To Apocalypse
73/1001Details Hardebaran
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Unhealthy Dreams
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