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Triosphere - Onwards
The info sheet that comes along with the debut record of the Norwegian pack Triosphere looks very interesting: “Powerful, melodic heavy metal”, “lots of technical pieces”, “a voice that can be called the female pendant to Ronnie James Dio himself”. These, at the least to say, very promising words made me doubtful in some way. Another good effort that doesn’t have that final touch to make it, or truly an album that you want to listen to day by day?
The record kicks off with ‘Onwards Part I and II’. The spoken words “on my signal, unleash hell” immediately made me curious about what was to come and gave the record some sort of atmosphere that I liked. After this intro you get to hear seven songs, which each are unmistakeable Triosphere; I always like to hear a band with a very own characteristic sound. Although I must admit it’s a very limited sound… they could have used some more varation.
The record eventually ends with the very beautiful and long ‘Onwards Part III and IV’. After giving the whole record a listen you could say that Triosphere finds their heritance within heavy yet melodic yet technical elements. An interesting mix of which I think many people will feel attracted towards. Also, the strings on the album (which are also played by frontwoman Ida Haukland) give some more emotion and deepness which were needed to make a complete sound! And I have to agree, Ida’s voice is definitely amazingly powerful and surprisingly similar to Dio’s!
I have a feeling that the biggest advance of this album is that is has something to offer to fans from various genres. I for example really dig the melodic singing and the melodic guitar parts, while someone could really dig the technical part of this record. Worth giving a listen for every metal fan!
Triosphere - Onwards
80/1001Details True Music Promotion
Released on Tuesday Mar 27th, 2007
Melodic Heavy Metal

Writer @Peekay on Friday Aug 3rd, 2007

Tags: #Triosphere
Tracklisting 1.Onwards Pt I
2.Onwards Pt II
6.Silver Lining
7.Gunning For Glory
10.Onwards Pt III&IV
Line up Ida Haukland - Vocals and Bass
Marcus Silver - Lead Guitar
T.O. Byberg - Rhythm Guitar
�rjan Aare J�rgensen - Drums