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Wolf Eyes - Human Animal
Who doesn’t like a record full of industrial noise every once in a while? I bet a whole lot of fucking people! But I do, since my passion for experimental music, soundscapes and basically noise is ever growing. Now it’s time to review Wolf Eyes’ new album entitled Human Animal.
I recently encountered Wolf Eyes at the Dour Festival, and I must say that I quite enjoyed some parts. I didn’t watch the full show though, it was a bit hard on my brain as it was the last day of the festival. Their industrial noise is comprised of a shitload of samples, vocals with effects on it, I know there’s a guitar, I saw that being used live and a bunch of personal inventions that create sound. Something quite common in the industrial scene I’ve found out. Well Wolf Eyes creates quite evil sounds, whether it’s calm or chaotic what they’re doing, it always has a certain evil atmosphere in the background. That, and a whole bunch of noise.
This also made me think of black metal a little bit, there is a lot of vocal use that reminds me of that style as well. And seeing the artwork, this also gives that impression. Artwork that is very beautiful yet vague, I might add. So the average sound on Human Animal is very unfriendly, heavily distorted and quite depressing. But somehow I also find it a bit relaxing, but I can’t imagine most people do to be honest.
Well if you’re into experimental stuff and you want to try some new industrial noise, this should be your weapon of choice. And if you’re not into it, it makes a hell of a tool to annoy your parent with. Enjoy!
Wolf Eyes - Human Animal
82/1001Details Sub Pop Records
Released on Tuesday Sep 26th, 2006
Industrial Noise

Writer @DemonDust on Friday Aug 3rd, 2007

Tags: #Wolf Eyes
Tracklisting 1. A Million Years
2. Lake Of Roaches
3. Rationed Rot
4. Human Animal
5. Rusted Mange
6. Leper War
7. The Driller
8. ?
Line up Nate Young
John Olson
Mike Connelly