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Daymares - Can't Get Us All
Four guys and one garage is probably the story behind Daymares. Just four friends who decided to jam together to honour the music they loved. This resulted in a full length debut for Daymares wihin less than a year, considering they started the band last winter. This album, called Can’t Get Us All, has reached my mailbox recently and to be honest I was quite sceptic about the whole thing.
Starting with ‘Get Us All’ they immediately show the back of their tongue with the typical death 'n' roll in the style of Entombed, the integrity of the Cro-Mags and the aggressive energy of Tragedy. Of course this isn’t a very original style, although their biography doesn’t feel the same way, it at least is a style that grooves like hell and makes you come out of your chair showing off your toughest metal poses, especially when you’re together with some friends drinking beer.
And that’s probably the only thing Daymares wants us to do. Just have fun with their music. Well I guess I could invite some friends over but the album isn’t strong enough for that. There are of course some good songs on it but in the end it’s a bit too mediocre to completely satisfy the needs.
It was probably the fact the band isn’t a year old and already has their debut out, that I was sceptic about the album. Every day we see it and hear it again, if a band puts a few new songs on their myspace page and ten people say it’s great they think they’re ready to record an album.
I don’t know if it happened the same with Daymares but the album Can’t Get Us All is certainly not a bad album. It just gives me the feeling I’ve heard it ten times before. But considering the fact they came together less than a year ago and already recorded a demo - which persuaded Self Made God records to sign them - they still did a great job and I believe we will hear more of them in the future.
Daymares - Can't Get Us All
68/1001Details Self Made God
Released on Monday Jun 18th, 2007
Death 'N Roll

Writer @Niamen on Monday Aug 6th, 2007

Tags: #Daymares
Tracklisting 01. Get Us All
02. Almost There
03. Into The Night
04. As Bas As It Gets
05. Falling Down
06. Suicide Watch
07. Key Witness
08. I Shit You Not
09. Cult Leader
10. The Bigger Lie
11. iContact
Line up Pat - Vocals
Marcin - Guitar
Grzesiek - Bass
Arek - Drums