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Last Winter - Under The Silver Of Machines
Holidays…..they’re killing for deadlines. But here we are again, back in action. This time with Florida’s Last Winter. Starting out with a self-released effort Transmission: Skyline, the band caught the attention of Lifeforce Records. After that it was time for their worldwide Lifeforce debut Under The Silver of Machines.
Though it’s not prevalent in Last Winter’s music, their roots are metal / hardcore. The opening song ‘The Violent Things’ reminded me of Aiden. But that is just one of the rare punk / hardcore parts that Under The Silver Of Machines contains. Because Last Winter is more poprock than hardcore. In a way they remind me of Hawthorne Heights. Because both bands are way too slick. With their styled hair and their fancy outfits they look a bit too made to be convincing.
Last Winter’s music appeared on MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen and Laguna Beach. Both shows are pretty sad but apparently that is where the band wants to be linked with. But with mainstream rock songs like ‘A Pacific Romance’, ‘Kiss So Hard’ and ‘Girl Next Door’ they probably fit right in.
I won’t say they make crappy music. I’m just finding out, once again, that I have trouble with taking these bands serious. For instance the way they present themselves. It doesn’t fit with their music. It doesn’t even look like they are truly themselves this way. Even the music sounds a bit fake and over-produced. The drums sound electronic and they use too many samples and extras for a band without a key-player.
You probably know these kind of bands and so you know if you would like it or not. That's why enough's said about Last Winter.
Love, Maurits
Last Winter - Under The Silver Of Machines
50/1001Details Lifeforce Records
Released on Tuesday Jul 24th, 2007

Writer @Maurits on Thursday Aug 9th, 2007

Tags: #Last Winter
Tracklisting 1. Cassiopea
2. Violent Things, The
3. Pacific Romance, A
4. Kiss So Hard
5. Girl Next Door
6. Standing Here
7. Our Summer In Illinois
8. Made For TV
9. Daon't Forget To Write
10. Chasing Lights
11. Starlight Drive
12. Vela To Norma Haunted
Line up Chris Pock-Drums
Brian Effron "Fro"-Guitar
Josh Calapa-Guitar
Mark Bowermaster "Bo"-Bass
Cameron Mizell-Vocals