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Lycosia - Apocalipstik
Lycosia hails from France. I hadn’t heard of them before and neither am I a big fan of the style they play. Although it’s not really definable, I can assure you it lies somewhere in the electronic goth area. Danceable metal!
These guys know what they’re doing for sure. There are many styles involved in their music, varying from goth to industrial and from glam to solid rock. All blended together in a kind of electronic way that might very well remind you of Marilyn Manson. But don’t expect a copy of the AntiChrist. It’s way more danceable music this time. And yeah, take a look at the cover, it’s kinda gay huh? I don’t mean that in an offensive way but somehow I can’t help but thinking it. The more because also the music isn’t your average straight up, masculine metal.
It therefore took me quite some spins to ‘understand’ this music. At first it looked so goddamn uninspired but the more I listened to it the more I got the idea that there was more than just lame-ass beats that continue throughout the entire song. Although that’s still the basic ingredient, unfortunately! Vocal wise it’s nothing like most of you out there are used to. Neither was (am) I by the way. Again quite uninspired and way too robotic/electronic.
However, if you do feel like you’re interested, try the song ‘Ymhae Apaka’. It’s kinda heavy and comes closest to how I like my music best. If the title of this album already scared the shit out of you, please stay away from it ‘cause it will at least come very close to what you expect when you see the cover and the title of Lycosia’s new album. For now I can only tell you that I don’t like the album, but neither do I hate it. Anyway, if you’re into the above mentioned styles/bands, suit yourself!
Lycosia - Apocalipstik
58/1001Details Equilibre Music
Released on Thursday Nov 2nd, 2006
Electronic Goth

Writer @Boek on Thursday Aug 9th, 2007

Tags: #Lycosia
Tracklisting 01. Last Splash
02. All These Words
03. Follow Me
04. Hard Dressed Bitch
05. Leftover
06. Kiss Me Hard
07. Say Fuck Yeah!
08. Light Years
09. Ymae Depaka
10. Don’t Say A Word (Make Up Mix)
Line up Christi Scythe – Vocals, Guitar
Don Ragno – Drums
Vince – Keyboards
Ilhan – Bass