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Earth - Hibernaculum
Dylan Carlson, the founding father of drone music again returns with Earth. This time the band offers us re-arrangements of old tracks, and one new one. The ‘EP’ is entitled Hibernaculum, and comes with a bonus DVD, containing a film about Earth, made by Seldon Hunt. Time to chill out!
The old days of harsh minimal drone-like music seems to be over for Earth, as it already was quite different with their long awaited previous release. Their sound holds a more soundtrack like atmosphere, with a country touch to it. Think Ennio Morricone, only dreadfully slow. The album breathes highly relaxing tunes and drumbeats, while the undertone sounds a bit melancholic and dark.
This disc contains three re-arrangements and one new song. If you liked Earth in their early days as well as their comeback material, you will definitely be pleased with Hibernaculum. My opinion is a bit divided about the DVD part. On one hand you get an intricate view about the history of Earth, but on the other a lot of the interviews are taken in noisy places, so you really have to pay attention to hear what is being said. It is cool to see some live material from their European tour though, especially from the show in Amsterdam that I attended.
So there you have it, another great addition to Earth’s discography. Newcomers to the band might be more easily persuaded by this record than the old ones, so if your interested check it out.
Earth - Hibernaculum
83/1001Details Southern Lord
Released on Tuesday Mar 20th, 2007
Drone/Minimal Rock

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Aug 11th, 2007

Tags: #Earth
Tracklisting CD SIDE:
1. Ouroboros Is Broken
2. Coda Maestoso In F (Flat) Minor
3. Miami Morning Coming Down
4. A Plague of Angels (2006 mix)

DVD Side:
- Earth Documentary with interviews and live footage (filmed by Seldon Hunt)
Line up Dylan Carlson
Adrienne Davies
Steve Moore
Don McGreevy
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