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Christ On Parade - Sounds Of Nature
I had never heard of Christ On Parade before but considering they were active in the mid eighties that isn’t a big disgrace. Especially when you consider I was not in to hardcore at all. I was more into playing with my GI-Joe and learning how to walk and ride my bike. But it was also at that time that Christ On Parade released their Sounds Of Nature album. Indeed this album is a re-release of that album which was recorded more than 20 years ago. The main reason for this is probably to support the tour that’s heading through Europe these days.
Personally I question if it’s smart to release an album that’s been recorded so long ago. Especially when there are so many other hardcore bands around these days. But on the other hand it’s always great to see a so called legend getting back on tour so all the kids of today are able to see where their favourite band used to get inspired by.
Of course a re-release without bonustracks is like a hotdog without the sauerkraut. It’s okay but it’s not the whole package. With this re-release there are also the songs of the Isn’t Life A Dream EP, two songs from the Skate Rock Vol 3 Various Artist album and a previously unreleased track called ´The American In Me´.
As for the album it’s pretty obvious that the music sounds very outdated, this is probably because of the production methods back then. In a way I question how Christ On Parade will sound today. It will probably sound just as furious as back then but probably with a better sound.
Something that surprises me about this album are the lyrics. They were of course very actual back then but most of the lyrics today are still very actual. Especially songs like ´For Your Viewing Pleasure´, ´Thoughts Of War´ and ´The Plague´ handle about the problems in the world that are still actual today. It’s obvious the credibility of this band is not outdated. So the only question I got is what is Christ On Parade going to do after this? Are they going back to their homes and jobs and was it just for the fun? Or are they going to record another album? That is something I don´t know, what I do know is that this album is a piece of hardcore history that could be interesting for fans of Discharge, Septic Death and Crucifix.
Christ On Parade - Sounds Of Nature
70/1001Details Neurot Recordings
Released on Tuesday Apr 24th, 2007
Old School Hardcore

Writer @Niamen on Sunday Aug 12th, 2007

Tags: #Christ On Parade
Tracklisting 01. Drop Out
02. The Plague - Mirror Image
03. Thought Of War
04. Flash
05. Chaos Breeder
06. Another Country
07. No Thruth
08. Landlord Song
09. For Your Viewing Pleasures
10. Americe The Myth
11. Human Laboratory
12. My Life
13. Don't Draft Me
14. Things Are Turning A Different Color
15. Something To Live For
16. Let Me Explain
17. What's Love
18. Words
19. The American In Me
Line up Mike - Vocals
Noah - Guitar
Todd - Drums
Milky - Bass